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Progress on the SNETT, Bellingham and Blackstone

Center Street to Rt. 126 section of the SNETT now complete in Bellingham, MA

We have spent the past several weeks exploring the SNETT (Southern New England Trunkline Trail) that runs quite near our home. Improvements have just been completed from Center Street in Bellingham, MA west to Rt. 126, near the Blackstone, MA line. What has up to now been one of the more challenging sections of the SNETT, this portion of the trail has limited views, but is key to opening up further sections of the SNETT west of here. Park at the Center Street parking area. Once parked, head west. An additional, Harpin Street entrance is next to DiPietro Elementary School, with parking across the street at the athletic fields. This area was until recently a barrier for those wanting to access other western sections of the trail.

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Quick walk nearby, SNETT in Bellingham


Along the SNETT

As the rest of the world prepares to spend summer hours in the sun, weeks at the beach or the mountains, I prepare to hunker down in the shade, or get outside early in the morning or at dusk. Thankfully, New England summer mornings typically offer cool starts to the day. For those of us who lack the ability to sweat, summer is not much fun. And so we adapt. Rather than drive any distance to get a walk in, we took two minutes to reach the trailhead around the corner from where we live in Bellingham. We parked at the SNETT at Lake Street, and headed out on the trail towards Franklin. Continue reading


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Walking the SNETT in Blackstone


Water views along the SNETT in Blackstone

Last summer the Massachusetts Walking Tour used the SNETT trail to travel between Bellingham, Franklin and Blackstone, avoiding a lot of road walking by using this still being developed trail system. I was able to confidently assure the group about much of the trail, but the section in Blackstone near Farm Street was not an area I had visited. Continue reading


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Progress on the SNETT Lake Street to Prospect Street, Bellingham-Franklin


Lake Street Entrance to the SNETT-older, town-made sign on the right, and newer, DR sign at trailhead on the left

The SNETT is within walking distance of where I live in Bellingham, and thus I’ve been able to keep a pretty close eye on any progress, or lack thereof, in making this section of trail more useable. Continue reading


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In search of the SNETT


View from one of the Bridges along the Blackstone River Bikeway/SNETT. This completed 4-mile portion of trail encompasses both the north-south railtrail, as well as the east-west SNETT.

With the recent completion of the Blackstone River Bikeway–at least the four mile section from Blackstone through Millville and into Uxbridge, there is renewed attention, and great interest, in seeing these kinds of projects move forward. The East-West SNETT (Southern New England Trunkline Trail) intersects with the north-south Blackstone River bikeway for these four miles of railtrail.

The SNETT has received a lot of press in the past several years as different community groups and public officials seek to assist in the development of this 6-town linking railtrail (from Franklin to Bellingham, Blackstone, Millville, and Uxbridge, out to Douglas)but it’s been a slow process. Continue reading

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Great Progress on local railtrails, SNETT/ Blackstone River Bikeway

Triad Bridge, Millville, MA, still under construction

Triad Bridge, Millville, MA, still under construction

Our family regularly searches out railtrails in the New England area and we bring our tandem bike along so we can enjoy the sights for miles along these paths. Two bike trails are within 15 minutes of where we live, but we often make day trips to ride railtrails in neighboring states. I feel sure we are not the only people who are finding these trails to be a source of enjoyment and a great way to enjoy the outdoors and exercise at the same time.

There is so much happening on the SNETT, the proposed bikeway which runs from Franklin through Bellingham, on into Blackstone, Millville, Uxbridge and Douglas.  The Blackstone River Bikeway intersects with the SNETT through the Blackstone and Millville/Uxbridge sections, and thus the developing of one trail is actually developing both. Two for one–even better!

This past weekend we headed up Rt. 122 to Millville, MA, Continue reading


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