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“Whether you’re physically challenged or not, and looking to venture into unfamiliar terrain, you want support, great ideas and someone as your guide who has the practical wisdom to make your trip worthwhile. Marjorie Turner Hollman is that voice providing enthusiasm, great advice and surprising tidbits all along the way from her years of enjoyment in nature. Short, sweet and a truly delightful and inspiring read, Finding Easy Walks Wherever You Are is a ‘Chicken soup for the Soul’ for those who are searching for the recipe for good easy walks.” – Diane Edgecomb, Jamaica Plain, MA, author, storyteller

“EXCELLENT program! Marjorie Turner Hollman’s Finding Easy Walks presentation was so well researched and her photos and tips were fantastic. Recommended.” Jennifer Shaker, Director, Willett Free Library, Saunderstown, RI

Finding Easy Walks Wherever You Are is a wonderful articulation of what Easy Walks are and how to find them, with many useful points to offer to those who are seeking to walk more and need a welcoming voice and guidance. Marcy Marchello, Universal Access Program Coordinator, Massachusetts State Parks

Marjorie Turner Hollman’s Finding Easy Walks Wherever You Are spreads the everyday magic of her earlier Easy Walks books beyond the boundaries of Southwestern Massachusetts. Most of us love to get out into nature, but some cannot navigate difficult or rocky trails, especially when they have issues with physical balance, problems with heat or cold tolerance, or difficulties managing long or challenging treks. Hollman’s lifelong passion for getting out into the natural world has driven her outdoors despite physical limitations. She finds beautiful walks in places you might expect, like rail trails, state and national parks, and established path systems, but she also finds them in a number of unexpected places: historical sights and ruins, cemeteries, old mining roads, and along flood-control dams and dikes, among many others.

 Her prose is appropriately poetic as she describes the wildlife she observes so closely and sympathetically, but also clear and direct as she notes good sources of information for finding Easy Walks, what to pack for safety and comfort when you embark on one, expert advice on what to wear (layers!), how to check weather conditions before you set out, and how to avoid pests like chiggers and ticks. She even has a section on “Minding Your Manners,” or how to behave toward humans and wildlife when on the trail. A section on trail maintenance takes us into the world of the hidden angels who maintain trails for the public.  Hollman’s deep love for the outdoors and her indomitable spirit show in this gem of a book. It is both inspirational and instructive. Highly recommended.  Em Chitty, Knoxville, TN

Oh my gosh, Marjorie, another stunning blog! My phone battery was running out yesterday so I saved this blog about our adaptive biking event until this morning to enjoy with coffee. What a delightful way to start my day, and what a sweet ending to the blog with our Rock Star, (unofficial) therapy dog, Rocksie.
Thank you so much for your continued support and enthusiasm for our programs at the Blackstone Heritage Corridor, and for sharing this enthusiasm on your Easy Walks in Massachusetts blog. I’m so grateful!
Bonnie Combs, Marketing Director
Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor

Marjorie, your many months of research leading to the publication of “Easy Walks in Massachusetts” and collaboration with Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards, of the Massachusetts Walking Tour, have led to positive outcomes. Congratulations on providing the ten communities visited these past days (Webster, Douglas, Uxbridge, Upton, Hopedale, Milford, Medway, Bellingham, Franklin, and Blackstone) with quality vocal, musical performances, and good experiences and memories. Bob Crowther, Auburn, MA

Marjorie Turner Hollman has been stellar on the occasions I’ve asked her to create accurate, readable text from transcripts. This was particularly challenging on one occasion because the narrator, who learned English late in life, spoke in confusing circles and her information was replete with contradictions, gaps, and illogic. Marjorie did a great job making as much sense as possible of the transcript, enabling me to return to the narrator for clarifications. Great job!  Kitty Axelson Berry, Founder, Association of Personal Historians

I am so delighted to have Marjorie’s book on our shelf. Easy Walks in Massachusetts is a lovely guide that inspires people to get out and explore new trails or to revisit old favorites. We look forward to hosting Marjorie for an upcoming discussion of the trails she highlights in her book. Cassie Patterson, Head of Reference, Mansfield Public Library

Marjorie is an exceptional editor. I couldn’t be more pleased with her ability to take a draft of my latest novel and suggest revisions, which made it more readable and engaging. She never tried to change my distinct voice in the way I told the story; instead, she took the time to understand what I was trying to accomplish in my fiction before revising it. Not only did she raise the quality of my work, but she also made me a better writer. Plus, I much enjoyed working with her. I would highly recommend Marjorie for your editorial projects. John Murzycki, Author, Elthea’s Realm, series of Science Fantasy novels, Wrentham, MA

I remembered my life as a photographer and one particular collection of photographs I presented at a showing. I was told that each photograph was a story unto itself and, when stringed together they became a necklace of pearls. That’s what I thought about as you led us through the exercises in your workshop, “Putting Flesh on the Bones of your story.” Create a necklace of pearls.  Patricia Stano-Carpenter

You are deserving of a “Congrats!” for your new book, “Easy Walks in Massachusetts.” I love everything that it stands for: nature, appreciation of local recreation, bonding of family and friends, exercise, health, etc. In addition to having it represent all these things, it also represents the hard work of a local author. I will proudly display it to all the families who come to Cornerstone Chiropractic in Bellingham, MA. Dr. Tim Murzycki, chiropractor, Cornerstone Chiropractic, Bellingham, MA

Thank you for sharing your time and expertise presenting your workshop, “Paring Down to Essentials.” Several of the participants went out of their way to sing your praises and compliment the program. I look forward to working with you again. Laura DeMattia, Director, Bellingham, MA Council on Aging

Working with Marjorie feels like talking with someone who listens to my heart, rather than telling me what to say. Thank you. Mary Potter, Walpole, MA

Marjorie has a real gift for “getting the story” of other people’s lives and writing about them simply, clearly, and humanely. I would highly recommend her services for anyone who needs or wants to tell the story of his or her life, business, avocation, or passion. In addition to providing clients with the pleasure of telling their story to a sympathetic, organized, and intelligent listener, Marjorie can find the “theme” of a person’s life. She can make it all make sense. Excellent personal historian. Em Turner Chitty, Knoxville, TN, English as a Second Language teacher, author of How We Really Talk

Marjorie offers her clients a very unique product, something that is priceless and cannot be shopped for. She takes a personal interest in your story to capture the spirit of it for future ages. It is very clear she does what she loves because she leaves a lasting impression and invaluable gift for others. Jason Carrozza, Bellingham, MA, owner, Carrozza Law Office, P.C.

Personal Histories are so powerful. Marjorie asked me the right questions about my uncle, who died a hero’s death in WWII. It was wonderful to see her interest, and to share with her my experience of learning about him. She took the essence of my uncle’s story and brought it to life in her writing. Linda Hardin, Franklin, MA

I have become an avid fan of the stories you’ve been bringing us through the Bellingham Bulletin. Wonderful! Keep them coming. Kelly Dewolfe, Bellingham, MA

Our staff participated in two Literacy Workshops facilitated by Marjorie Turner Hollman. We gained a better understanding of how to write simple, clear and accurate daily notes, lesson plans, and unique stories that the children create as they go about their day. Marjorie’s supportive and gentle approach helped our staff feel competent in their own literacy learning.  Thank you, Marjorie!Mary Varr, Director, Garelick Early Learning Center, Hockomock YMCA, Franklin, MA

Thanks for including Castle Hill Academy’s teachers in your ECE workshop with Marjorie Hollman.  Those that attended were in agreement that Marjorie did a wonderful job presenting and gave us some valuable tools to use in our classrooms the very next day!  Beverly Schairer, Director, Castle Hill Academy, Medfield, MA