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8 Arch bridge is open–Holliston Upper Charles Trail


Newly renovated 8 arch bridge, and Bogastow Brook

It’s been a long time in the making, but the 8 arch bridge in Holliston, a key link in the Upper Charles Trail in Holliston, is (mostly) finished, and is safe for travelers to use. Continue reading


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Messing about in Boats–Silver Lake, Bellingham


Getting ready to head out–can we do this?

Silver Lake in Bellingham is a quiet sort of place, but at one time it was “the place to go,” complete with a hotel, dance hall, carousel and even, so I have been told, diving horses. But this was before people had easy access to cars. The trolley brought people to Silver Lake and provided respite from the summer’s heat. It also got people out of the city. Continue reading


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A little reading along the trail–StoryWalk® at the Fish Hatchery in North Attleboro


Pretty pond to walk around at the fish hatchery–the pond is actually Bungay Brook, dammed at this spot to creatr the pond

The rain held off so Christine and I enjoyed the cooler breezes as the weather changed and headed out to the Fish Hatchery in North Attleboro, after enjoying lunch together at the Unlikely Story bookstore in nearby Plainville. Continue reading


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Colors of Summer


Gooseberry Island in Westport covered in blooming roses

Summer means visits to the beach, but we don’t often think of riotous color when we think of beach visits. Our latest visit to Gooseberry Island, in Westport, MA brought the surprise of thousands of beach roses in full bloom. Throughout the island we saw rose blooms, daisies as well as sweet peas. Continue reading


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Joy on the Bike Path–Adaptive Cycling in Blackstone


Suzanne was a one-woman cheering squad for riders venturing out on the trail

It was a day of joy as adaptive cycling came to the Blackstone River Greenway in Blackstone for those with special needs of many kinds.  The event was in the planning stages back when snow was on the ground last January. That’s how long it takes to get this many moving parts lined up, making sure everything will run smoothly. And in fact everything did come together. Many of us understand the woman who came back from her ride and said, “My face hurts from smiling!” Indeed, others of us felt the same way from smiling all day. Continue reading


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Walking Trails Book Launch


Getting ready to sign some books at “The Shed”

And what better way to let folks know you have a  new book out than to host a Book Launch party with the folks of the Ten Mile River Watershed Council? Continue reading


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Acadia in Spring


Getting to the top of Beech Cliffs, with a little help. Echo lake is just below here

I’m always surprised at the people I talk to who live in Massachusetts and have never visited Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert in Maine. Yes, it’s a six hour drive from where we live (not including stops) and yes, I hear the area is pretty crazy-crowded with people in the summer.  But there’s spring, Continue reading


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Make Your Own Storybook Walk with Teens–Milford Youth Center


Greating ready to head out at the MilfordYouth Center

We have been hosting Make Your Own Storybook walks since last January, and I keep being surprised at how much fun participants have, regardless of their age or ability. We have had grandparents, babes in arms, (well, backpack carriers), little ones who have not yet learned to read, and school age children as well. We  have had adults of varying abilities, parents juggling several children, and my buddies who are visually impaired (or VIPs–Visually Impaired Person as they prefer to be referred to).

In the midst of all this variety, and having offered the program at different locations, I hadn’t quite realized the common theme; if there is a dead or dying fish on the scene, it’s going to end up in many if not most of the stories that are shared that day. Continue reading

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Grant Follow up: Sharing the Joy

Book tour 10

Checking in at New Hope with Marcia Szymanski, Director

When I started working with the non-profit organization Ten Mile River Watershed Council to help them create a new Easy Walks book with me, I searched for grants to help support our efforts. A  lot of grant making entities are not interested in helping fund the creation of books. Yup, expressly so–not interested. Each organization has specific requirements. No problem. I finally turned to grants I was familiar with and reached out to the towns in MA included in the book we were working on. In the end, everything is local, as we know. Continue reading

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Celebrating the New Book!

Easy_Walks_and_Paddl_Cover_for_KindleAfter all the hard work of writing a book (or in this case, writing portions and editing the whole), many might think the work is done. But no, if you want a book to be read, used, and enjoyed, people have to know it exists. And as they say, “It takes a village.” Continue reading


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