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Walking Familiar Paths, Finding the Unfamiliar–Otters and Beavers!


Silver Lake on a late fall afternoon

I have spent the past several years seeking out new places to walk as I document local trails in this area. Each trail included in my Easy Walks in Massachusetts publications is carefully considered. But over the years I have lived in New England, the one spot I have visited more than any other is literally right in my backyard. Our house overlooks Silver Lake in Bellingham, and I need only pull on my coat, step outside, and I’m on my way. Continue reading


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A New Trail in Medway


Enjoying the foliage on the boardwalk

I’ve been hearing about the new boardwalk the Medway open space committee worked to install but wasn’t sure where exactly the boardwalk is. But now I know! Continue reading

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A Riverwalk, Attleboro


Views of the TenMile River, alongside the Attleboro Riverwalk

When I first started doing research for what became what is now a trail guide series, Easy Walks in Massachusetts, I could not have imagined how far the project would take me. I’ve experienced the joy of encountering Easy Walks in Massachusetts towns near and far, in different states, as far away as California, and even overseas to Ireland. But it is the places nearby, close to home, that I continue to return to and get great pleasure from. Even though we bemoan the continued loss of habitat in this heavily populated area of New England, I am humbled by the efforts of local folks to open up trails, work to make pathways more accessible, and even create trails where there were none. That’s what we found when we visited Attleboro recently. Continue reading

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Trail development-Lane Homestead, Foxboro, MA


Fall is finally arriving at the Neponset Reservoir in Foxboro

The first time I visited the Lane Homestead, on North Street in Foxboro, not only was it difficult to find, it was challenging to find a place to park my car.


Landscaped entrance to Lane Homestead, along with Education center

I visited the same area recently and found: a flashing light at the entrance to the property (evidently warning about the railroad crossing a few yards down the road), paved parking areas, a handicapped accessible deck over the Neponset River, a learning center, Continue reading

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Return to Attleboro-Oak Knoll, MA Audubon


Fall colors shine through as we circled the lake

Now that the cooler weather appears to have returned in earnest, I am anxious to get out and better understand the towns that host the Ten Mile River. The Ten Mile River Watershed Council has been working with me since last spring to pull together the latest Easy Walks book. Watershed Council members have been providing me with information about the trails and paddles available in the host towns of the watershed. But I’m the one who needs to draw the maps, and it really helps to get out on the roads, and start understanding where the river flows, and where open space has been preserved and is available for people to come visit and enjoy. Continue reading


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Bread Crumbs Along the Trail-Telford Park, Plainville


“The Crew” setting out to mark the trail

Each time I put together yet another Easy Walks book, this time for the towns that host the Ten Mile River watershed, Easy Walks and Paddles in the TenMile River Watershed, I try to work with local folks to make sure the trails that will be included in the book are well marked. This usually requires walking the trails, and seeing for myself what the trails are like. Continue reading

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Dreams come true on the Blackstone River Bikeway


She’s off! Margaret Carroll (waving in back on the tandem) gets her wish of touring the Blackstone Bikeway

Margaret Carroll is a fixture in Millville, and renowned throughout the Blackstone River Valley for her grasp of historical detail, and passion to preserve the past for the future. At the recent ribbon cutting, officially (after a year!) opening up the Bikeway, Margaret, who attended the ceremony, noted that she walked the trail back when it was first being talked about, some thirty years ago. She had worked hard to help make the trail a reality. She said she wished she could travel on the trail again now that it is finished, but figured it would never happen.  Continue reading

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Weather forecast keeps us closer to home-Brimfield Grand Trunk Trail


Along the Grand Trunk Trail in Brimfield

When the weather forecast for Columbus Day weekend promises lots of rain, it makes a lot more sense to stay closer to home and enjoy what we can, when we can. Continue reading

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Back to the Book–Attleboro Springs


The small but lovely pond at Attleboro Springs

The cooler weather is finally allowing me to venture out more easily, and I was grateful for walking buddies, Keith and Sue, who met me at the trailhead. Thousands pass quite near this lovely spot, especially near Christmas, but I suspect very few realize what a wonderful, accessible Easy Walk awaits just beyond the Christmas lights of LaSalette Shrine, 947 Park Street in Attleboro. Continue reading

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Walking the SNETT in Blackstone


Water views along the SNETT in Blackstone

Last summer the Massachusetts Walking Tour used the SNETT trail to travel between Bellingham, Franklin and Blackstone, avoiding a lot of road walking by using this still being developed trail system. I was able to confidently assure the group about much of the trail, but the section in Blackstone near Farm Street was not an area I had visited. Continue reading


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