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Returning to Cape Cod after Labor Day


Beautiful day to ride along Little Sippewisset Marsh

Where I live last weekend was a continuation of summer; humid, hot, not great for being outdoors with my limited  capacity for tolerating heat. But the coast promised cooler temperatures. I have an aversion to spending time on the Cape (Cape Cod) during the summer. Too hot, too crowded, too, too much. But almost instantly once Labor Day is past, the Cape becomes a quite lovely place to be.

We drove through fog as we headed south, but once we crossed the Bourne Bridge the fog lifted. Our goal was the Shining Sea Bikeway. Continue reading


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What to do when it really rains in Ireland


No rain dates for sheep or sheep herding dogs (or their shepherd). The work continues regardless of the weather

There was only one day (well, may one more, but mostly all afternoon that day) of our entire August-early September visit to Co. Clare when the rain fell in buckets the entire day. Other days often had mist, or overcast, two days were bright and sunny, but one day was clearly a “what shall we do so we don’t spend the day drenched?” sort of day.

As is was, we had already picked out a few “indoor option” destinations just for a day such as we had. We visited the sheepdog demonstrations  at Caherconnell Fort which provided a tent for shelter for visitors. Continue reading

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The Cliffs of Moher and Aran Islands


Despite the crowds,the Cliffs of Moher do not disappoint

Choosing to go to Ireland in August is choosing to join 50,000 of your best friends when you visit the Cliffs of Moher. We read that if you wait till after 4PM you will have fewer fellow travelers on the trail, but of course this was read in hindsight. Continue reading


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The Burren Way and other Easy Walks-Ireland


View of the landscape and the ocean from the Blackhead trail, part of the Burren way

We spent almost our entire visit in Co. Clare, which is known for its karst features–limestone landscape that reaches all the way to the shore in many areas. My husband has a passion for caves and karst is where you’ll find caves (created from dissolving limestone). But this is also extremely rugged landscape and so finding Easy Walks for me to enjoy was a real challenge. Thankfully, many feet have trodden these paths before us, and it was a matter of discovering where those paths were, and where we were welcome. Continue reading


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Just outside my Window–Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare, Ireland


One of the picture perfect days we enjoyed in Ballyvaughan

As part of our planning when we travel, we work to find a place to “park” me as it were, to allow me to rest when needed. My stamina is limited, but I love to experience what I can take in. We found the perfect spot for eight days right on the edge of Ballyvaughan, overlooking Galway Bay.  Continue reading


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Peek of small city life in Ireland


Narrow streets, crowded sidewalks, and the ruins of the local monastery are all part of the market town of Ennis

Before we could get settled in our “home away from home” in Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare, we had a few necessary purchases to make, including cell phones that worked in Ireland, and maps we had been unable to attain prior to arriving in the country. From Spanish Point, where we’d spent the night, we headed to Ennis, a small city on our way to Ballyvaughan. Continue reading


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Seeking Easy Walks along the Wild Atlantic Way in Western Ireland


Sun setting into the Atlantic near Spanish Point, Co. Clare

My husband had wanted to visit Ireland for years. We recently spotted a new service flying to Ireland from Providence with Norwegian Air and decided to go for it. Summer temperatures rarely get into the 70’s in the summer so this would be a respite for me from New England’s summer. Jon longed to see the limestone karst areas of the Burren, which has some pretty rugged landscape. I hungered for time near the ocean, with opportunities to find Easy Walks. We found a perfect spot to spend a week in Ballyvaughan, County Clare, but were unable to get into the house rental till the day after we arrived. Continue reading


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Staying Close to Home on a Hot Summer’s Day-Blackstone River Bikeway Woonsocket to Ashton Mills


Hot day alongside the Blackstone River

I am truly ready for summer to be over. Besides berry picking, the lush greenery, and summer flowers, I really don’t love summer. The heat makes my legs stop working–really. But I need to get out. And so we set out on one of the most humid, warm mornings recently to take a bike ride. Close to home was the plan. Lucky for us, the Blackstone River Bikeway in Woonsocket, RI is a mere ten minutes from where we live.  Continue reading


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In search of Easy Walks in the White Mountains


Many more steps awaited the trip to the bottom of Glen Ellis falls

We had an errand to run, all the way in North Conway, New Hampshire. We typically avoid this the White Mountains in summer because of the horrendous traffic one encounters around Conway. But Limmer’s Boot Company makes the only boots my husband can wear without severe back pain, and so off we headed to get his boots looked after.

The overcast day was not ideal for being outdoors, but regardless of the weather, we didn’t want to pass up spending some time outdoors amidst this lengthy trip. The White Mountains have a lot of challenging trails, many that go straight up, but there were a few good candidates we planned to stop at on our trip. Continue reading

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Out on the boardwalk…Stony Brook’s boardwalk has reopened!


A new design, but the same footprint as the former boardwalk, and same wonderful views!

Stony Brook Nature Center, a Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary in Norfolk, MA has been without its beloved boardwalk for the past sixteen months, but the wait is now over and the boardwalk is open. Lots of info here on pages 6-7 of the Local Town Pages providing background on why the boardwalk has been closed for so long.  Continue reading


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