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Finding a Place to Walk in Winter–St. Vincent’s Hospital, Worcester


Liz talks with the group prior to heading out to walk at St. Vincent’s in Worcester

Winter offers challenges to everyone, especially those of us concerned about the consequences of slipping on ice and injuring ourselves. The past three winters Worcester resident Liz Myska has created an indoor walking program that provides not only a safe place to walk, it also has drawn people from a wide variety of backgrounds to come walk with those who are visually impaired, and learn how sighted guides can be helpful to those who have limited vision. Continue reading



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Searching for Signs of Spring at Silver Lake


Patterns on the ice at Silver Lake, Bellingham

Some winters Silver Lake opens up during a January thaw and never refreezes. But this winter, the lake has retained much of its ice throughout the winter, barring some very few warmer days. But winter quickly returned and the lake has been solid ice. Continue reading


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Interview with Jan Lewis of “Be my Guest” Upton CAble TV

Marjorie is interviewed about “Make Your Own Story Hike” program by Jan Lewis, host of “Be my guest” UPton Cable TV



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Winter Walks-West Hill Dam, Stony Brook, and Riverbend Farm


Ice alongside the trail

I’ve taken a few pictures recently, but truthfully, the outdoors has looked pretty dreary since rain washed all our snow away. There’s been ice on lots of trails, so getting out has been challenging. But we headed to West Hill Dam to get outside, and found some amazing ice, and thankfully, most of it was NOT on the trails! Continue reading

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Self-Publishing 101


Lots of self-published books to browse at the recent “Self-publishing 101” workshop I conducted

The world of self-publishing has opened up a world of possibility, especially for those of us who simply want to share family stories with our loved ones, or have an idea, but are not willing to jump through the hoops to convince a more traditional publisher of the worth of that idea. I started out learning about self-publishing as a way to help others easily share their family stories. Continue reading


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Make Your Own Story Book Hike-Riverbend Farm in January


Heading out on the tow path on our Make Your Own Story Book hike

Working collaboratively is such an exciting experience. I’ve found that ideas bubble up when I open myself to others’ ideas, listen to what another person has in mind, and together we come up with something I’d never have thought of on my own. That may have been what happened when I met up with Kathryn, who works with programming at Riverbend Farm in Uxbridge. Continue reading


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Small, but nice Easy Walks in E. Providence


Willett Pond, E. Providence

I have been blessed with helpful collaborators in this latest book project of documenting the trails and places to paddle within the towns that host the Ten Mile River watershed. For those of you not immersed in this project, as I have been these last number of months, those towns include Plainville, N. Attleboro, Attleboro, Seekonk, E. Providence, and Pawtucket. Continue reading


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When Arctic winds blow, head north-New Year’s visit to Acadia


Sea smoke just off shore

The trails are icy hereabouts in the greater Boston-Worcester area. New Year’s First Day hikes have been cancelled, parking lots are slick, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, we heard about groomed ski trails north of here, at Acadia National Park in Maine. Yes, the weather has been below zero. And yes, some of us think curling up with a good book and a warm drink is the best way to get through the arctic chill. But some of us need to get outdoors. But going where the trails have snow cover is the best way to do that. And so we did! Continue reading


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Walking on thin ice-winter trails


Large beech tree at Thayer House Medway still holds on to a very few leaves as winter sets in

We’ve had some snow recently, then deep, deep cold that has turned the soft fluffy white stuff into the kind of surface that prompts one to think of ice skates. Turns out this has been a week I’ve been out on the trails quite a bit, so I’ve had the chance to sample many types of ice on the trails in the area. I hear we’re in for more snow, and possible rain, which will alter the landscape yet again so it’s anybody’s guess what next week will bring! Continue reading

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Staying Near Home-High Street, Bellingham


Views of the Charles River, from the slope above the river.

The blue sky this morning was so inviting, but between a husband with a sore throat, and family and friends with lots of holiday plans, it was after lunch before I tracked down a friend who could join me on the trail today. Yes, it was clouding over, and yes, the trail was icy, with just a light covering of snow disguising the ice along the trail. But the company was good, the wind of the past several days had died down, and where we needed to turn around we got our reward, which was some nice views of the Upper Charles River as it flows quite near the downtown of Bellingham. Continue reading

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