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Fall at Acadia National Park

Sunrise at Acadia

Sunrise in Acadia National Park

We expected to have smaller crowds at Acadia National Park when we visited at the end of September. We saw hints of color on our drive north, and spotted lots of small splashes of color during our week’s visit, but were not prepared for the massive number of people who gathered in the most popular spots (Otter Cliffs, Sand Beach, and Jordan Pond). Continue reading

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Adaptive Kayaking at Lake Quinsigamond, Worcester


Launching the first group off into Lake Quinsigamond

The rule, when working with folks with special needs, whether elderly, those with cognitive or physical disabilities, or any other special needs, is to be ready to adapt. The Adaptive Kayaking program the Blackstone Heritage Corridor planned with their partners, All Out Adventures, was scheduled for this fall at Wallum Lake, Douglas. The four sessions planned began in Douglas. Then Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) reared its head and the town of Douglas, along with many other towns in Massachusetts, was considered to be under critical threat of people contracting the serious, even fatal disease. Continue reading

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Easy Walks ventures to the Lehigh Gorge, Pennsylvania


Mountains, river, trains, railtrail, and canal remnants at Lehigh Gorge State Park

We took a long weekend to visit Lehigh Gorge State Park. The gorge was created by the Lehigh River. Like the Blackstone River Canal in New England, the Lehigh Canal was built in the early 1800s through the gorge next to the river to facilitate transportation of goods. Continue reading

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Family Group Biking–Upper Charles Trail, Holliston


Hanging out, taking a break before getting back on the trail

Now that our grandkids are getting bigger, we are able to join them (with their parents) on the trail with their bikes. Well, our ten-year old pedals her own bike herself, and her brother rides along behind his mom on his tag along bike. Continue reading


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Wallum Lake, Douglas, Adaptive Kayaking!

FullSizeRender (7)

Suzanne Buchanan, Blackstone Heritage Corridor Volunteer coordinator, having some fun at Wallum Lake

A perfect late summer morning drew participants from throughout the Blackstone Valley to Wallum Lake for the first of this season’s Adaptive Kayaking opportunities at Douglas State Park. Continue reading

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Hop River Trail, Willimantic, CT heading west


Hop River trail at its start, adjacent to the Airline Trail, following the Willimantic River before heading west to follow the Hop River

We are still working out the kinks on our new tandem bike, so this past weekend took us on an explore of the Hop River Trail, starting in Willimantic, CT, near the Windham town line, and traveling west. We did not plan to join the RIMACONN marathon race, but there you have it. Sometimes you get lucky!


One of many fellow travelers the day of our visit. We tried very hard to stay out of the way of the runners on the trail, while enjoying the amazing rock cuts and waterways along the trail

We pedaled our tandem bike and joined several hundred runners who had come (in teams–the distance was 95 miles or so!) from Lincoln, RI to Hartford, CT, traveling along the East Coast Greenway. Continue reading

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Finding Easy Walks Along the Way in Vermont


You never know what you might find…just off the road, traveling through Smugglers Notch

As I work on finishing up my book, “How to Find Easy Walks Wherever You Go,” when we travel to unfamiliar places, I am reminded of important points made in the book. These are some of the concepts I have found to be helpful: be willing to explore; be willing to turn around; learn to read maps; use the internet; and tell everyone you are looking for easy walks. We used nearly all these principles on our most recent trip to Vermont. Continue reading

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Climbing Mountains in Vermont the Easy Way


Farmland, Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks, from the top of Mt. Philo

While visiting Vermont recently, we had the chance to scale two different mountains. Well, by car, that is, since mountain climbing of any sort is not on my “Easy Walks” skill list. We were in the Burlington area, and when headed down Rt. 7 south of Burlington, we spotted the sign for Mt. Philo State Park, and my husband thought there was an auto road to the top of this rather small (968 ft. in elevation) mountain. Continue reading

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Easy Walks Visits the Island Line Trail in Vermont


Sunset views of the Adirondacks from the Island Line Trail

Our new tandem bike is finished and this was our first “overnight” trip, meaning transporting the bike and everything else we need to travel with. We had heard about a railtrail that crosses Lake Champlain and it looked amazing. Making the time for a 4-day weekend, we set off, to see what we could see. Continue reading

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Cape Cod Canal railtrail, touring the south side


Fun on the trail with grands

The Cape Cod Canal has railtrails on both sides of the canal that offer great views of the boats and bird life that frequent the canal. The biggest challenge in summer is actually getting there! Now that our adaptive tandem is functional and ready for more test rides, we planned a family outing with grandparents, parents and grandkids with all our bikes. We managed to get snarled in traffic for two and a half hours, in what otherwise would be a one hour drive from our home. Continue reading

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