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Finding Easy Walks Along the Way in Vermont


You never know what you might find…just off the road, traveling through Smugglers Notch

As I work on finishing up my book, “How to Find Easy Walks Wherever You Go,” when we travel to unfamiliar places, I am reminded of important points made in the book. These are some of the concepts I have found to be helpful: be willing to explore; be willing to turn around; learn to read maps; use the internet; and tell everyone you are looking for easy walks. We used nearly all these principles on our most recent trip to Vermont. Continue reading


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Finding Easy Walks–Delaware Water Gap


Delaware river with mountains on either side of the river

When we got to the Delaware Water Gap, I was surprised to learn that it is so much more than a spot where the Delaware River cuts between a mountain range. In fact, for about thirty miles, on both sides of the river, the Water Gap is actually a National Recreation Area. Continue reading

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