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Biking during a pandemic, Myles Standish State Forest

trail Myles Standish

Woodland trail at Myles Standish State Forest

Each spring we eagerly look forward to getting out our adaptive tandem bike, which allows me to enjoy time on the trails far beyond how far my feet can carry me. Last spring we were in process of building our new bike, and were delayed in getting out. And this spring, well, there’s a pandemic about, if you had not heard. So beyond concerns about the days getting too warm for me, we have the added concern about whether we might expose, or be exposed to, anyone else who could make us deathly ill.

We decided, rather than visit one of the several local rail trails nearby, which we felt sure would be more crowded than we felt comfortable with, to head out to Carver, to the Myles Standish State Forest. Continue reading


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Historical Walk at High Street–one small part of the 300th Anniversary celebration


Gathering at the trail kiosk at High Street before we headed out

The town of Bellingham was founded in 1719, and all year we have been hosting events throughout town to fit all sorts of folks’ interests as we celebrate the 300th year since the town’s founding. Early settlers who were instrumental in the founding of the town were the Baptists, and it turns out the first Baptist meeting house was on High Street.

We are also in the process of writing the book celebrating the town’s founding, which will be out next spring. In researching the book we learned a lot about the town and it’s earlier days. We will be sharing lots of that information in the soon-to-be published book, but during our walk at High Street we drew on that knowledge to help folks get a better picture of Bellingham in days gone by. Continue reading


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Massachusetts Walking Tour gets to Plainville


Walking Tour musicians take the stage outside, with the Ten MIle River nearby

The entire theme of this year’s Massachusetts Walking Tour has been 10 years, and the Ten Mile River Watershed. The musicians have finally arrived at the Ten Mile River Watershed, and in fact are camping right next to the river itself as it flows through Telford Park in Plainville. Continue reading

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Massachusetts Walking Tour visits Mansfield


Walking Tour musicians on stage in Mansfield, with concert goers joining in to dance and sing

Yes, the Massachusetts Walking Tour continues to walk, and arrived in Mansfield in the company of several fellow walkers who joined the troupe for the entire day. Participants range in age from about 4 to folks in their 80s at the concerts, and walkers are aged about 9 to folks in their 70s. Children with special needs have taken part in the festivities, and been fully included. Continue reading

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Walking Tour 2019 Concert #3, Norfolk


The Unlikely Strummers, one of the local musical groups, fill the stage of the Federated Church of Norfolk

Now that the Massachusetts Walking Tour has started, it feels like the pace has picked up considerably, even though it’s mostly a walking pace. But night after night we have great music, surprising stories, and sweet moments. Continue reading

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MA Walking Tour 2019 First Concert-Holliston


A gift from super Walking Tour groupie Ruth and her husband, T-shirts to celebrate the 2019 walking tour.

And so it begins. After nearly a year of preparation, the first free concert of the Massachusetts Walking Tour is done. Continue reading

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2019 Mass Walking Tour is Off and Walking


The Massachusetts Walking tour and friends ready to set off

What a beautiful bright, sunny morning greeted our musicians as they set off at the start of the 2019 edition of the Massachusetts Walking Tour. Continue reading


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Lady Slippers at the Blackstone Gorge


Sweet sight of late spring–Lady Slippers!

The great thing about visiting places nearby is that different seasons offer such delightful treats, if you pay attention. From walks in past years, I knew lady slippers were growing next to the Blackstone Gorge, and I had seen a very few lady slippers in other nearby places. To enjoy other views of the gorge, check out these posts:  https://marjorieturner.com/2018/04/26/history-of-the-blackstone-gorge/  https://marjorieturner.com/2017/06/07/searching-for-mountain-laurel-blackstone-gorge/  https://marjorieturner.com/2011/10/20/enjoying-the-wonders-of-the-blackstone-gorge-2/ Continue reading


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Long Lake Littleton Conservation Area


On the southern shore of Long Lake, LIttleton, MA, as spring is bursting forth

Yes, it’s been raining in Massachusetts (and in other locations in the eastern and midwest states). And yes, trails are pretty muddy in many spots.


One of the smaller puddles we encountered–others simply required bushwhacking around the trail to get by the water in the trail

Still, on an overcast afternoon, as we explored a neighborhood on the south side of Long Lake in Littleton, we came across a lovely network of trails called Long Lake Park that provide access to some wonderful views of Long Lake in Littleton. Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle–Adaptive Biking in Worcester

1adaptive 2019 schedule

What an adventure!

I love riding our adaptive tandem. But I also love spending time with lots of folks who may be getting a chance to experience riding a bike for the first time in their lives. Last year a number of us were able to participate in the adaptive cycling program offered at the Blackstone Bikeway, but this year, thanks go to the MADCR’s Universal Access program,  which provided funds for not one, but five separate adaptive biking events, offered in Worcester and Blackstone, MA. Continue reading

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