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National news

Morning news: WBZ CBS TV Channel 4 profile of Marjorie’s back story

Chronicle: video segment on WCVB NBC TV Channel 5 Boston, News Show Chronicle Overlooked and underappreciated Hidden wonders of the natural world

Boston Globe profile of Marjorie Turner Hollman and Easy Walks

Rails to Trails Conservancy “Trail Moments”

Huffington Press Youtube Thrive in Five interview with international publicist Michelle Tennant Nicholson

Brenda After Sixty– Life, arts, health, beauty & more for women 60+ in greater Boston Personal profile, including Easy Walks info and work as a personal historian

Brenda after Sixty Creating Order out of Chaos

The Mighty “How decorating my cane helped me find a new path after brain injury”

Travel Massive: My story of hiking with mobility challenges Top ten accessibility tips for hikers with mobility challenges

Back story: Nearly thirty years ago Marjorie found herself in a hospital bed after brain surgery to save her life, paralyzed on her right side. The years since then have been a healing journey as she has regained her ability to walk, with support. Little did she know those years ago that one day she would be the author of five Easy Walks walking books focused on helping others, including those with mobility issues, to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Her most recent book, a memoir, is My Liturgy of Easy Walks: Reclaiming hope in a world turned upside down

“I love this book [My Liturgy of Easy Walks]. Marjorie’s style of storytelling is so incredibly relatable and filled with grace. Even though I have very different life circumstances, the comfort and ease I feel each and every time I fall into one of her stories is a welcome respite from a world gone mad. Well done.” April Bell, San Francisco, CA(Certified purchase, Amazon Review–used with permission)

Published books (Amazon author page link)

Finding Easy Walks Wherever You Are is a wonderful articulation of what Easy Walks are and how to find them, with many useful points to offer to those who are seeking to walk more and need a welcoming voice and guidance.” Marcy Marchello, Universal Access Program Coordinator, Massachusetts State Parks

First three Easy Walks books
A memoir, the back story behind Easy Walks

Podcast appearances:

Venn Collaborative. Marjorie Turner Hollman wants to “spread the net wide.” Marjorie talked about her experiences with Venn Collaborative’s Jim Woodell—hear about her view on impact as learning to be creative, and collaboration as interdependence and helping one another.

Awaken Your Wise Woman with Elizabeth Cush –Listen and learn: about forgiveness and finding peace in the wake of a sudden disability; the self-image that can keep us from asking for the help we need; the many ways that “casting a wide net” makes asking for help easier for everyone involved; why receiving is as important as giving—and the bonds the exchange creates.

Soul Forum with April Bell As you listen to Marjorie share her unique journey, which she’s written about in her recent memoir, consider the ways you allow yourself to step deeper into self-love and self-acceptance as you traverse the gentle and not so gentle paths life has laid before you.

50 over 50–Sherrilynne Starkie started this show as a creative project with the goal of interviewing 50 women past their 50th birthday to learn how they see the world. Here, Marjorie shares her wisdom and experience of recovery and a life of disability, the humility of being a welfare mom, and how she learned to love again.

Stepping into She Marjorie shares how pushing through transitions brought her to where she is now–creating spaces for Easy Walks in life.

Grit, Grace & Inspiration, A conversation about the outdoors, finding a way to heal and more, with host Kevin Lowe

The Curious Creatrix, creativity and the paths we follow

Let’s Have this Conversation, with Kevin McShan

My Blurred Opinion–A Measure of Mobility–Writing, mobility, and and unexpected instances of healing

Inspirational Journeys–writing, editing, mobility and hope

Deal by Me conversation about life challenges with Dr. James W. Smith

Franklin Matters radio show (Franklin, MA) 20 minute conversation with Stephen Sherlock of Franklin Matters, about the newest book, My Liturgy of Easy Walks. It’s the back story, a memoir, about why Marjorie takes only Easy Walks.

Author Hour: Wayne Barbour (Woonsocket, RI) radio and podcast–2020-Guest-Marjorie-Turner-Hollman–Robert-Eugene-Perry-ejm68c/a-a37io44

Local Media appearances:

Innovation Showcase-Interview to talk about Finding Easy Walks, the book

Holliston MA HCAT Cable TV–“Just Thinking” w Marjorie at the 8 arch bridge, Holliston

ABMI Cable 8 TV show “Finding Easy Walks Wherever You Are”

Episode 2 SNETT trail Bellingham Storywalks

Episode 3 Bellingham Town Common–Walking through History

Episode 4 Franklin, MA Sculpture Park

Episode 5 Knuckup Hill, Wrentham, MA-Views of Boston!

Episode 6 Upper Charles Trail Milford, MA

Episode 7 Choate Park Medway, MA and High School Trail

Episode 8 Blackstone River Greenway, Blackstone, MA

Episode 9 Hopedale Parklands, Hopedale, MA

Episode 10 Riverbend Farm, Uxbridge, MA

Published Articles about Easy Walks, and profiles

Woman once unable to walk writes books about Easy Walks Milford (MA) Daily News

Bridgewater State University profile–Walk this way

Eco-RI Profile “Local Author finds Interesting Easy Walks”

Gordon College Profile A Liturgy of Easy Walks

Non-fiction Authors Association-Turning You Blog into a Book by Marjorie Turner Hollman


with the Massachusetts Walking Tour,27038

With Blackstone Heritage Corridor


“Marjorie’s book, Finding Easy Walks Wherever You Are has a place of honor at my B&B in Marblehead. I keep a copy in my B&B ( and it’s well-thumbed by now. My guests love the idea of walking tours and trails and now they have a guide to finding the best ones!” Francie King, Marblehead, MA

Oh my gosh, Marjorie, another stunning blog!  What a delightful way to start my day, and what a sweet ending by reading your blog with our Rock Star, (unofficial) therapy dog, Rocksie. Thank you so much for your continued support and enthusiasm for our programs at the Blackstone Heritage Corridor, and for sharing this enthusiasm on your Easy Walks in Massachusetts blog. I’m so grateful! Bonnie Combs, Marketing Director Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor

“Check out these books written by Marjorie Turner Hollman. Find lots of wonderful outdoors spaces that are handicapped-friendly. Great for parents, grandparents, and children too! Can’t walk very far? Distances of each trail are included, along with much more information as well to help you prepare to have a great time outdoors. I have spent some time walking with Marjorie and she does a FANTASTIC job describing the walks and hikes so you are fully prepared to enjoy your day.” Kelly Sipe, Somerset, MA, Beyond Your Limits Fitness and Recreation

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