Are you looking for help evaluating what you’ve written? Are you feeling discouraged and need encouragement to keep writing?

Manuscript Reviews

Writing a compelling story is hard work. Are you having difficulty figuring out the most organized way to structure your book (or other written project) so your topics flow from one idea to the next in a logical sequence? We can help.

Developmental Editing

Have you written a book and want another set of eyes to provide feedback on how your message or story is coming across? Send me what you have and we can go from there.

Book Coaching

Do you wish you had an accountability partner? Someone to support a strategic approach to get your project to the finish line, not back into your drawer? Talk to us about what you need and how we can help you achieve your goal.

I work with trusted copy editors, proofreaders, and book designers. Professional referrals available. Email me to see how we might work together. marjorie@marjorieturner.com

Here’s what others say:

Throughout the process, your recommendations and encouragement improved my book and energized me when I was tired of the whole thing! I was privileged to have your high-quality participation in the creation of For the People, Against the Tide. I never would have gotten to the publication of my book without you.” Kathleen Teahan, author, former Massachusetts state legislator.

I’m reading through my manuscript and thinking, this is good. I can see not just what I need to change or add but how you polished some of my sentences. They are beautiful. You’re wonderful, and are making my story everything I hoped it could be. Paula Grandpre Wood, author, The Long Walk Home with the Ceinture Fléchée (the Arrow Sash) To be published 2023

Marjorie is an exceptional editor. I couldn’t be more pleased with her ability to take a draft of my latest novel and suggest revisions, which made it more readable and engaging. She never tried to change my distinct voice in the way I told the story; instead, she took the time to understand what I was trying to accomplish in my fiction before revising it. Not only did she raise the quality of my work, but she also made me a better writer. I enjoyed working with her. Highly recommend Marjorie for your editorial projects. John Murzycki, Author, Elthea’s Realm, series of Science Fantasy novels, Wrentham, MA

“The good news is that I can actually conceive of finishing this round of editing Volume 1. When I’ve completed that round, if not sooner, I will send it to you to read over and help me see areas that need to be summarized, cut or clarified. Then I will need to address what goes into the introductory section.” Lesia Alexander, Heart and Soul with Animals

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