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Easy Walks, Self-publishing, and Oral history workshops/ Zoom presentations

Finding Easy Walks Wherever You Are zoom presentations

For libraries, civic groups, newcomer’s groups, senior centers, and other organizations. Learn about outdoor trails that are right around the corner from where you live. Discover simple steps to find those outdoor places that work for you, regardless of where you live. Stunning vistas, gorgeous water views, and simple trails, in your own community, and other towns nearby.

Self-publishing for the Aspiring Author

For libraries, civic groups, and other organizations. Everyone has a book in them, right? But what will it take to write, then get that book published? Self-publishing has changed the landscape of what is possible when it comes to sharing one’s story in book form. Learn about basic self-publishing tools, different types of editing to make your book the best it can be, and the “next steps” on the road to turning the book you’ve dreamed of writing into reality.

The Reluctant Writer

Do you avoid writing tasks in your job, or find excuses to get others to write what you should take care of yourself? This short course is designed to provide the student with positive writing experiences. The sessions will consist of active writing experiences. Students will produce short pieces, share their writing with fellow classmates, and receive helpful feedback. They will gain a better understanding of what constitutes good writing, and learn simple steps they can take to improve daily writing tasks. This course is designed for people whose work (or schooling) requires them to write.

Our staff participated in two Literacy Workshops facilitated by Marjorie Turner Hollman. We gained a better understanding of how to write simple, clear and accurate daily notes, lesson plans, and unique stories that the children create as they go about their day. Marjorie’s supportive and gentle approach helped our staff feel competent in their own literacy learning.  Thank you, Marjorie! Mary Varr, Director, Garelick Early Learning Center, Hockomock YMCA, Franklin, MA

Interviewing Skills, Oral History training

For Home Care providers, Historical Societies, or others who spend time with older or disabled adults

In service training for home healthcare providers and others. 45 minute to 1 1/2 hour class. Help your group move conversation with clients beyond repetitious talk of the weather or how a client is feeling today. Gain new tools to engage in reflecting on their past experiences, life lessons, and thoughts about past life events. Enrich the client’s life, and help staff feel a stronger sense of purpose in spending time with homebound clients. Learn simple tricks to elicit deeper details, more color, and more interesting stories.

I remembered my life as a photographer and one particular collection of photographs I presented at a showing. I was told that each photograph was a story unto itself and, when strung together they became a necklace of pearls. That’s what I thought about as you led us through the exercises in your workshop, “Putting Flesh on the Bones of your story.” Patricia Stano-Carpenter

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