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Blackstone Gorge mountain laurels

Delicate blossoms of mountain laurel return to the Blackstone Gorge each summer

Mountain laurels bloom every June in New England, but unless you are paying attention, you might miss the display. It doesn’t last very long. We saw loads of mountain laurel buds recently on a visit to New Hampshire, so I figured the Blackstone Gorge in Blackstone, MA might have some blooms to enjoy. I also checked in with a friend from the Blackstone Heritage Corridor, who confirmed that a trip to the Gorge to see blooming mountain laurel would be worthwhile (as though I needed an excuse!)

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Adaptive Kayaking at Lake Quinsigamond, Worcester


Launching the first group off into Lake Quinsigamond

The rule, when working with folks with special needs, whether elderly, those with cognitive or physical disabilities, or any other special needs, is to be ready to adapt. The Adaptive Kayaking program the Blackstone Heritage Corridor planned with their partners, All Out Adventures, was scheduled for this fall at Wallum Lake, Douglas. The four sessions planned began in Douglas. Then Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) reared its head and the town of Douglas, along with many other towns in Massachusetts, was considered to be under critical threat of people contracting the serious, even fatal disease. Continue reading

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Till Next Time–Wrap up of Adaptive Biking in the Blackstone Valley for 2019


A perfect day on the Blackstone Greenway

For all the rain we had this spring, somehow every single scheduled date for the Adaptive Biking program in the Blackstone Valley brought, if not bright sunny skies, at least a reprieve from the near constant rain we have experienced of late. The last date, held in Blackstone, brought clear skies, and a festive mood. Continue reading

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Adaptive Biking Again? Third Time is a Charm in Worcester


A parade of bikes sets off from the Worcester Visitor Center

Perhaps you have noticed we’ve been talking a lot about adaptive biking when you check in here. For the month of May, it’s been at the top of my “to do” list.  You see, I am not only a National Park Volunteer with the Blackstone Heritage Corridor (VIP), I am also a participant in these adaptive biking events. There is still time to participate in the last two events, but you must register. To register for the remaining rides in May, call 413-584-2052. Continue reading


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Adaptive Biking again–Blackstone in May

Volunteer groupLast year we had one opportunity to participate in an adaptive biking program in the Blackstone Valley. Thanks to the generosity of the MADCR Universal Access Program, which funded these rides, 5 different dates in May 2019 have been made available to area residents who might want to take advantage of getting out on a bike regardless of one’s capabilities. Registration is required. To register for the remaining rides in May, call 413-584-2052. Continue reading


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Back in the Saddle–Adaptive Biking in Worcester

1adaptive 2019 schedule

What an adventure!

I love riding our adaptive tandem. But I also love spending time with lots of folks who may be getting a chance to experience riding a bike for the first time in their lives. Last year a number of us were able to participate in the adaptive cycling program offered at the Blackstone Bikeway, but this year, thanks go to the MADCR’s Universal Access program,  which provided funds for not one, but five separate adaptive biking events, offered in Worcester and Blackstone, MA. Continue reading

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Effective Partnerships and Strategic Volunteering for Businesses

Video interview with Jan Miele of Benchmark Advisory Group. We talked about strategic partnerships, effective volunteering, and Easy Walks. Thanks to Jan and the Benchmark Advisory Group for inviting me back to chat again. https://vimeo.com/295144942

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Along the Blackstone River-Woonsocket, RI


Along the Blackstone River in Woonsocket, near the MA border. On the left is a remnant of the Blackstone Canal

I had heard of a new section of railtrail at Coldspring Park, off Harris Avenue in Woonsocket, but last we looked, it was not obvious where the trail might be. When we stopped by today, it was easy to find the trail, and quite easy to walk alongside the river for about a half mile, all the way to the Massachusetts line. Continue reading


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Make Your Own Storybook Hike GO! program, Upton State Forest


Heading out on the trail

September 11, 2018

The concept of a Make Your Own Storybook hike is simple–take a walk together, explore along the way, and come back to write or draw about what we experienced. After a summer hiatus, the Make Your Own Storybook hikes have started back up. This past weekend we visited the Upton State Forest, and were joined by several families with young children, some literate, some not, but by the end, it appeared that everyone had a grand time in the outdoors. We were blessed with terrific volunteers, enthusiastic families, inquisitive children, and cool, overcast skies.  Continue reading

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Ready to “GO!” to the Blackstone Valley

GO! 2018 Leaders_ Carole Dandrade photographer

Some (but not all!) of the many volunteers and staff working to make September the month you decide to “GO!” to the Blackstone Valley

The Blackstone Heritage Corridor has been running their “Go!” campaign each September for the past three years. As they ready the start of this fourth year’s campaign, volunteers who will be running the programs throughout the Blackstone Valley gathered at Riverbend Farm in Uxbridge to receive our instructions. We received distinctive “GO!” t-shirts and hats, and got as many “GO!” brochures as we wished, to distribute throughout communities in the valley. We took a few pictures too!  Continue reading


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