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Rails and trails along the Narragansett Bay

Old rails along the East Bay Bike Path remind visitors of days gone by

You probably know what someone means when they say they are headed over to the local rail trail. These paved or stone dust developed paths, rail trails, have become a generally recognized part of modern life. The transformation of abandoned rail beds into walkable or bikeable paths has created a growing network of trails intended for recreational walking, bicycling, and other non-motorized uses.

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Heading outdoors in hot weather

1Marjorie Cooling vest, cooling scarf

Along the Mass Central Railtrail in Rutland, wearing cooling scarf, cooling vest, with water mister on hand nearby

In summer, sweat is an important body function, part of keeping us safe from overheating. Inconvenient, for sure; unattractive, perhaps, but there you have it–our body’s way of helping us cool off on these hot, July days mid-summer. Continue reading


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