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Easy Walks Goes to Tennessee


Dogwood in bloom throughout the woods in Tennessee right now

We have grandboys in Tennessee, north of Chattanooga, and so we visit as often as we can to enjoy boys on the farm. But while there. we look for easy walks that grandboys can participate in with us. Continue reading


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Finding Easy Walks–Delaware Water Gap


Delaware river with mountains on either side of the river

When we got to the Delaware Water Gap, I was surprised to learn that it is so much more than a spot where the Delaware River cuts between a mountain range. In fact, for about thirty miles, on both sides of the river, the Water Gap is actually a National Recreation Area. Continue reading

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Cape May, NJ, Easy Walks to See Birds!


Marshlands of Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May, NJ is renowned in the birding world as a hotspot for birding in the spring and fall. We had the chance to get there a wee bit early, but found plenty to see, with less crowded roads and trails while we were there. Similar in feel to Cape Cod, the landscape is coastal, with lot of sand, dunes, and houses built close together. Main Street offers scads of tiny shops to tempt tourists, and built up areas of hotels for seasonal visitors. We spotted the obligatory mini-golf spot as well. Continue reading

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John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge


Boardwalk invites visitors to venture out over the waterway at the refuge

While we usually focus on trails in Massachusetts and nearby New England States, when we venture out of the area, it is a joy to discover not only new places, but an outdoor refuge close to where we were staying in the Philadelphia area. The John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge is a truly urban refuge, but the number of birds we saw in this place don’t seem bothered by the noise of Rt. 95, which borders the refuge, nor the sight of multiple planes taking off within sight of the refuge as well. Continue reading

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Walpole Town Forest Boardwalk


The boardwalk! All finished

Walpole has an extensive town forest system, one section quite well known and well traveled since it abuts the town high school on Common Street.


Last fall, under construction

But another section of the forest (the East Section) is on the east side of Washington Street, with parking on South Street. Continue reading

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Cochituate Rail Trail, Natick


Great views of Cochituate Reservoir from the undeveloped section of the Cochituate railtrail

In the process of updating my second book, More Easy Walks in Massachusetts, I headed to Natick with some hiking buddies to see what I could find of the Cochituate Rail Trail. Turns out, the section we found is rather short, less than a quarter of a mile in length, but has some great views of Lake Cochituate. Continue reading

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Ice opening up-spring is coming


Beautiful view of Trolley Crossing Farm in Bellingham, from the SNETT

What a strange winter we have had in southern New England. Snow (expected) followed quickly by rain (not so nice) since the rain turned everything into heavy, ice-filled landscape. And then we received almost fourteen inches of snow overnight–a joy to see, but it was so deep (for me) and soon crusted over. Thoughts of outings in deep, crusty snow were not very appealing for me, and those of us who have balance issues. Continue reading

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Snowy-icy trails in winter


Fun at the Franklin Sculpture park

Time with energetic grands during February vacation means trying to figure out where to head outdoors where kids will have fun and Grandma will not break her neck! The sun was shining, we’d grabbed a quick lunch, then headed right around the corner to the Sculpture Park in Franklin. Continue reading

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Snowy Owls in Winter

snowy owl DSC08881

Snowy owl posing atop the Sachuest visitor center

We have seen snowy owls at Sachuest National Wildlife Refuge in years past, but this year was a little over the top in making it easy for us to view the winter resident. As we drove up to the Refuge, we saw a line of cars parked, with people standing all over the parking lot. Right at the crest of the visitor’s center building, the snowy posed, in clear view. At Sachuest in February, it’s all about the owls. Continue reading


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Resources for Business Owners with Disabilities

group photo

Folks of all ages got outdoors for a Make Your Own storybook walk in Westwood–one of the many workshops I’ve led in the past number of years (that’s me with the walking sticks (and the bright orange 🙂 )

“Fact: Self-employment is a more popular choice among people with disabilities than it is with the general population. The Small Business Administration reported that 12.2 percent of the general population chose self-employment, and 14.3 percent of people with disabilities started businesses.”

I responded to a request for information on an article being written about business owners who deal with disabilities, so here’s the article, including my (very brief, in a nutshell, story). While the challenges I live with are not the focus of my work, these challenges have certainly influenced the choices I’ve made, and my perspective on life.

I am glad to offer encouragement to those who think they have few options because life has thrown them one (or more!) curve balls. The article offers lots of great ideas and information. My comments are at the very end.



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