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Powdermill Ledges, Smithfield, RI

At the time of this writing RI Audubon trails were still open to the public during this global pandemic. Please be wise and avoid outdoor spaces where the parking lots are filled. Spending time in the outdoors safely is essential in helping keep yourself and others safe.


Boardwalk through potentially wet area in springtime, with stone walls along the way

We often spotted the sign on the highway for Powdermill Ledges, in Smithfield, RI, but had never followed through to track this open space down. I read that it was the headquarters for RI Audubon Society, so I was glad to finally get there (before the global pandemic, when everything was shut down).  It was an easy drive down Route 295 to Rt 44 west to Rt. 5. We were able to obtain a map from the visitor center, which was helpful. Continue reading

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Gateway Park-Chase Farm, Lincoln, RI


Sycamore in Winter, Chase Farm, Lincoln, RI

As winter sets in, we seem to have small windows where ice-free trails may be available, but there is no guarantee. The ground is freezing up, we’ve had some rain, some snow, then more rain, so avoiding ice is a matter of strategy and hope. We headed out to Lincoln, RI to the area near Chase Farm, figuring that it was south of us, closer to the coast, but not far from home. If it was not safe, we hadn’t spent hours driving to learn it was a bad choice. As it was, we guessed right. Continue reading

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