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Winter footing–staying close to home

Out with a daughter and grands at Silver Lake

I might be alone in this feeling, but I’m having a hard time getting out by myself these days. So when my daughter called with the offer to bring grandkids over for a walk along the lake, the answer was an easy “yes!” The road alongside the lake is a dead end, so traffic is minimal.

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Gateway Park-Chase Farm, Lincoln, RI


Sycamore in Winter, Chase Farm, Lincoln, RI

As winter sets in, we seem to have small windows where ice-free trails may be available, but there is no guarantee. The ground is freezing up, we’ve had some rain, some snow, then more rain, so avoiding ice is a matter of strategy and hope. We headed out to Lincoln, RI to the area near Chase Farm, figuring that it was south of us, closer to the coast, but not far from home. If it was not safe, we hadn’t spent hours driving to learn it was a bad choice. As it was, we guessed right. Continue reading

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Winter is coming

West Hill Dam Uxbridge MA after ice storm

Beauty of winter, West Hill dam

Winter is still officially a few days away, but we’ve had a taste of it the past month that is a great reminder that seasons really do change, and we need to be prepared. We have had snow, rain, extremely high winds, ice, and sleet. But just because the weather is changing, we can still get outside. It does take some planning, some familiarity with local landscapes, and preparation to prevent hypothermia. Family members may insist they will be warm enough, when in fact they may discover once outside that they are quite cold. Bring extra jackets, hats and mittens along ‘just in case’ for those who resist taking precautions against the cold. Continue reading

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