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Jamestown and Newport, Coastal RI


Moonrise over Newport

We headed for the shore in the aftermath of a substantial storm that downed trees and hit some coastal areas with near hurricane winds. We figured the waves at Beavertail State Park would be impressive, but we were a little surprised at how cold those winds made us feel. The temperature registered around 39 degrees F, but it felt so much colder it fairly took my breath away. Good thing we had down jackets and warm hats and gloves. Continue reading

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Easy Walks gets to Disney World, Orlando


Yup, it’s Florida and there are alligators (and snakes!), even at Disney

A professional conference took us to Orlando in January, a welcome change from New England’s winter. The conference took place at one of the hotels near Disney World, and I found the area well set up for walkers and those hoping to use public transportation. Continue reading

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Winter bike ride, East Concord, Bruce Freeman trail


Yes,the pond was frozen, but we got our tandem bicycle out to enjoy temps in the 60s along the Bruce Freeman railtrail in Concord

We experienced an unseasonable warm wave (not exactly heat wave, but still) in January, and people went out in droves to spend time outdoors. We realized we could even manage a ride on our tandem, so pulled it out, and got it ready. Where to go? We’d heard of a new section of the Bruce Freeman trail in Concord, so off we went to explore. Continue reading


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Life Lessons Learned Through Seaglassing — Christine’s Writing Experience

Guest post!

Christine Doyle is a passionate seaglasser. Her hobby takes her to many beaches searching for treasures from the sea. Besides these tangible treasures, she has also discovered intangible lessons that she shares in this story. Enjoy! MTH

I developed a love of seaglassing around a time I went through a terribly stressful period with my mother which culminated in her passing away. Experiencing so many feelings all at once had me reeling and not knowing what to do so I sought out the beach. It was there I could wander, my head […]

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by | January 15, 2020 · 10:30 am

Gateway Park-Chase Farm, Lincoln, RI


Sycamore in Winter, Chase Farm, Lincoln, RI

As winter sets in, we seem to have small windows where ice-free trails may be available, but there is no guarantee. The ground is freezing up, we’ve had some rain, some snow, then more rain, so avoiding ice is a matter of strategy and hope. We headed out to Lincoln, RI to the area near Chase Farm, figuring that it was south of us, closer to the coast, but not far from home. If it was not safe, we hadn’t spent hours driving to learn it was a bad choice. As it was, we guessed right. Continue reading

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Both Sides of the Canal, Cape Cod


Low tide at Scussett Beach

We were searching for an easy walk that was free of ice. While Christmas hereabouts was not terribly white, we have had plenty of snow already in December, but once snow has been walked on, its next phase is…ice.  The coast was a natural destination, and south, toward Cape Cod, rather than north was our best bet for some ice free walking. Continue reading


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Winter is coming

West Hill Dam Uxbridge MA after ice storm

Beauty of winter, West Hill dam

Winter is still officially a few days away, but we’ve had a taste of it the past month that is a great reminder that seasons really do change, and we need to be prepared. We have had snow, rain, extremely high winds, ice, and sleet. But just because the weather is changing, we can still get outside. It does take some planning, some familiarity with local landscapes, and preparation to prevent hypothermia. Family members may insist they will be warm enough, when in fact they may discover once outside that they are quite cold. Bring extra jackets, hats and mittens along ‘just in case’ for those who resist taking precautions against the cold. Continue reading

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For the Love of Labyrinth — Christine’s Writing Experience

Christine Doyle has been writing for the Bellingham Bulletin, as well as for herself on her blog, and she shared this story with our local writing group. She combines a yearning for adventure with a winsome sense of humor I think you will enjoy. Come take an “Easy Walk” with Christine through some local labyrinths.


I walked my first labyrinth this past May when my family and I had visited Heritage Gardens in Sandwich, MA. “A maze!” I exclaimed to my family, but my daughter quickly corrected me, “It’s a labyrinth.” A maze is a complex series of pathways with many choices needed to be made to find a way […]

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by | December 11, 2019 · 3:23 pm

Historical Walk at High Street–one small part of the 300th Anniversary celebration


Gathering at the trail kiosk at High Street before we headed out

The town of Bellingham was founded in 1719, and all year we have been hosting events throughout town to fit all sorts of folks’ interests as we celebrate the 300th year since the town’s founding. Early settlers who were instrumental in the founding of the town were the Baptists, and it turns out the first Baptist meeting house was on High Street.

We are also in the process of writing the book celebrating the town’s founding, which will be out next spring. In researching the book we learned a lot about the town and it’s earlier days. We will be sharing lots of that information in the soon-to-be published book, but during our walk at High Street we drew on that knowledge to help folks get a better picture of Bellingham in days gone by. Continue reading


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New Storywalk® in Foxboro


Celebrating the completion of the YMCA in Foxboro’s Storywalk®

My friend Nicole is a force of nature when it comes to getting things done and encouraging folks to get outdoors. A part-time employee at the Y, she worked recently with the Hockomock Invensys Foxboro YMCA, as well as several other funding agencies to create a Storywalk® on the grounds of the YMCA off Mechanic Street in Foxboro, MA. Continue reading

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