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Cape Cod Canal railtrail, touring the south side


Fun on the trail with grands

The Cape Cod Canal has railtrails on both sides of the canal that offer great views of the boats and bird life that frequent the canal. The biggest challenge in summer is actually getting there! Now that our adaptive tandem is functional and ready for more test rides, we planned a family outing with grandparents, parents and grandkids with all our bikes. We managed to get snarled in traffic for two and a half hours, in what otherwise would be a one hour drive from our home. Continue reading

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Surprise Guests at the Cape Cod Canal


A parade of eiders, traveling west along the banks of the Cape Cod Canal

After a whole lot of rain, we were ready to get out to stretch our legs  so we headed to the Cape Cod Canal. It’s early spring and we were curious to see if the herring were heading up the fish ladder that is near the visitor center on the north side of the canal.

We headed down the stairs to the bikeway that travels alongside the canal, and saw people gathered all along the path, staring out at the canal. No, there was no large ship passing through right then. Instead, we spied a parade of eider ducks, several hundred birds, male and female, paddling within feet of the shoreline, against the current. Continue reading


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