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The Cape in late fall

River headed to the sea at Long Pasture, Audubon, in Barnstable

Lucky for our family, we have practiced #avoidingcrowds for years, and yet even we are struggling this year to figure out where to go where lots of others are not. We avoid visiting Cape Cod in warmer months specifically because of how busy the area is. But late fall, early December on the Cape seemed like a good bet for meeting up with fewer people as we continue to strive to stay healthy in the midst of the pandemic.

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Both Sides of the Canal, Cape Cod


Low tide at Scussett Beach

We were searching for an easy walk that was free of ice. While Christmas hereabouts was not terribly white, we have had plenty of snow already in December, but once snow has been walked on, its next phase is…ice.  The coast was a natural destination, and south, toward Cape Cod, rather than north was our best bet for some ice free walking. Continue reading


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