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Spring before spring–Rocky Narrows, Sherborn


Looking for spring along the banks of the Upper Charles River in Sherborn

There is a time when the calendar says spring is here, and yet, and yet, in New England, the landscape still has a bleak look. Buds are swelling, grass has started poking out, in the marshes green shoots reach skyward, and migrating birds have begun heading north. But the trees remain bare. Ferns remain hidden under the soil. Bushes hint of color to come. and broken branches from the multiple March snowstorms this year litter both yards and trails. Continue reading



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Traveling where many have gone before-Medfield State Hospital grounds


Views of the Charles River

Medfield State Hospital operated from 1892-2003 as a state mental hospital, sometimes referred to as an insane asylum. Now owned by the town of Medfield, the grounds are open to the public during daytime hours, and offer some stunning views of the Charles River. Accessed from Old Hospital Road, just off Rt. 27, north of Medfield Center, the property is surrounded by Charles River floodplain. Continue reading


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