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With limited time, take a walk around the block

Mute swan at Silver Lake

My calendar for the day mostly was full (for me) and it promised to be comfortable and sunny. What to do before the sun set? Take a simple walk around the block.

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Walking through history at the Bellingham town common

Watering trough for horses now stands in a place of honor at the town common

Town commons are, well, common throughout New England, but this doesn’t mean they have remained static throughout their history. Many town commons have been altered, “improved” and in Bellingham’s case, built on and almost forgotten. But today, Bellingham has a vibrant town common that is well-situated, beloved, and much visited. Community events take place there often, and visitors, both adults and children, spend time there daily throughout the year.

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Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge-an Explore


One of many abandoned military bunkers strewn through the woodland of Assabet River National wildlife Refuge

Twenty years ago, the Assabet River Wildlife Refuge was not on our radar. In fact, it was not open to the public. Rather, it was still part of Fort Devens, and used for training purposes. But this 3.5 square mile open space is now open to the public, with a visitor’s center, ponds, wetlands, woodlands, and a whole lot of abandoned military storage bunkers. Sadly for dog lovers, dogs are not welcomed at the refuge. Continue reading


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Walking Familiar Paths, Finding the Unfamiliar–Otters and Beavers!


Silver Lake on a late fall afternoon

I have spent the past several years seeking out new places to walk as I document local trails in this area. Each trail included in my Easy Walks in Massachusetts publications is carefully considered. But over the years I have lived in New England, the one spot I have visited more than any other is literally right in my backyard. Our house overlooks Silver Lake in Bellingham, and I need only pull on my coat, step outside, and I’m on my way. Continue reading

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