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Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge-an Explore


One of many abandoned military bunkers strewn through the woodland of Assabet River National wildlife Refuge

Twenty years ago, the Assabet River Wildlife Refuge was not on our radar. In fact, it was not open to the public. Rather, it was still part of Fort Devens, and used for training purposes. But this 3.5 square mile open space is now open to the public, with a visitor’s center, ponds, wetlands, woodlands, and a whole lot of abandoned military storage bunkers. Sadly for dog lovers, dogs are not welcomed at the refuge. Continue reading


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An Untold Story


View of Silver Lake from the top of the hill.

These days I often travel to other places for walks, either with groups or with a single friend or family member. Silver Lake is not my only option as in days past when I was beset with health challenges. And yet, near the end of the day the blue sky beckons. A walk had not been part of the plan, but the sun sank low and the lake was still there, waiting for me to step outside for a visit. Continue reading


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Finding Friends




Stopping to learn about pine cones chewed by squirrels, at Riverbend Farm, Uxbridge

The weather has been pretty stunning this week, hard to believe it’s February, but there you have it–60+ degrees and bright sunshine. Snow is melting, trails are opening up. What a perfect time to get outdoors on a blue-sky day! My challenge is that I don’t walk alone. My “usual suspects” were unavailable, but when I stopped by the Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Bonnie Combs and Suzanne Buchannan urged me to stop back by Riverbend Farm where ranger Kathryn Parent was leading a walk. I felt sure I’d miss Kathryn, but she and a group of families with very young children were in the visitor center getting ready to head out. Success! Continue reading

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