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Winter bike ride, East Concord, Bruce Freeman trail


Yes, the pond was frozen, but we got our tandem bicycle out to enjoy temps in the 60s along the Bruce Freeman rail trail in Concord

We experienced an unseasonable warm wave (not exactly heat wave, but still) in January, and people went out in droves to spend time outdoors. We realized we could even manage a ride on our tandem, so pulled it out, and got it ready. Where to go? We’d heard of a new section of the Bruce Freeman trail in Concord, so off we went to explore. Continue reading


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Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge-an Explore


One of many abandoned military bunkers strewn through the woodland of Assabet River National wildlife Refuge

Twenty years ago, the Assabet River Wildlife Refuge was not on our radar. In fact, it was not open to the public. Rather, it was still part of Fort Devens, and used for training purposes. But this 3.5 square mile open space is now open to the public, with a visitor’s center, ponds, wetlands, woodlands, and a whole lot of abandoned military storage bunkers. Sadly for dog lovers, dogs are not welcomed at the refuge. Continue reading


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