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A Walk through History Silver Lake Beach, Bellingham, MA

Bridge to Island, Silver Lake Bellingham, MA

Working with our community Cable Station, ABMI Cable 8 here in Bellingham is such fun. We get outside, explore places that offer Easy Walks, and get the perspective of the great views offered, when cameraman Tyler McMinnaman brings along the drone, part of the great equipment the cable station has on hand to create great video.

Buildings filled the area that is now Silver Lake Beach

We met recently at Silver Lake Beach to wander the area, and talk about a little of the history of the area. This was a “go-to” destination in the days before cars were common. Over the years the area offered a carousel, a dance hall, a skating rink, and even diving horses! It is often difficult to imagine all this activity when strolling the area on a spring morning, when we were about the only people there.

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Halloween snow storm Silver Lake neighborhood, Bellingham

Snow-covered bird feeders in our yard help provide a measure of all the snow that fell the day before

We live near Silver Lake in Bellingham, and watched with others as rain fell for two days before turning to snow, and then kept snowing the whole day. What had been forecast as 1-3 inches of snow turned out to be more like 5 inches, at least in our neighborhood. We woke to a winter wonderland Halloween morning and headed right out before the warming sun melted everything and returned us to autumn.

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Staying close to home–visiting Silver Lake with grands

Hanging out at the lake with my girl and grands

Since the beginning of the pandemic this spring, I have seen little of my sweet grands, even though they live in town. We are staying more remote than they have been able to, which has made visits difficult. But outdoor walks alongside Silver Lake work, with all of us wearing masks and walking apart from each other.

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Ducks in the woods–wood ducklings at Silver Lake

Mama wood duck

Mama wood duck perched in a tree after inspecting a nearby possible nesting site

A few weeks ago a pair of ducks came soaring through the woods into our yard. Hmm, not where we usually see ducks, even though we live overlooking Silver Lake, in Bellingham. It took very little investigation to figure out these were wood ducks, and they were looking for a nest. The male stayed out of sight till they flew off, but mama duck poked around a tree, checking it out for a possible nest site. They soon flew off. Nope, no sale. Continue reading

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Messing about in Boats–Silver Lake, Bellingham


Getting ready to head out–can we do this?

Silver Lake in Bellingham is a quiet sort of place, but at one time it was “the place to go,” complete with a hotel, dance hall, carousel and even, so I have been told, diving horses. But this was before people had easy access to cars. The trolley brought people to Silver Lake and provided respite from the summer’s heat. It also got people out of the city. Continue reading


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The Unexpected–Checking Up On the Neighborhood


Mute swan swimming alone at Silver Lake

Mute swans nest at Silver Lake almost every spring, and we have been lucky enough to watch these large birds shepherd their little ones all summer and into the fall, when they are finally ready to learn to fly. But as I approached the spot I’d seen the swan perched on when I’d visited the lake a while ago, something did not look right. Continue reading


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April Showers Bring May Flowers (and so much more!) to Silver Lake


Mock orange blossoms after the rain

It’s amazing how earlier morning light encourages me to get up in the morning. I wish I were a morning person, but on the whole, it simply isn’t going to happen. But as spring turns to summer the cool morning air provides respite from the heat of the rest of the day and great motivation to get out earlier! Continue reading

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An Untold Story


View of Silver Lake from the top of the hill.

These days I often travel to other places for walks, either with groups or with a single friend or family member. Silver Lake is not my only option as in days past when I was beset with health challenges. And yet, near the end of the day the blue sky beckons. A walk had not been part of the plan, but the sun sank low and the lake was still there, waiting for me to step outside for a visit. Continue reading


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More healing walks


View of Silver Lake, the island in the middle of the lake on the right.

I get the sense that many think I’m a high-level walker, leaping tall bushes at a single bound. Well, the truth is that I clump along as best I can, and in fact, I need to take easy walks, since I’m simply not up to more physically demanding trails. I was a strong hiker at one time, but that was long ago. Since that turning point in my life nearly twenty-five years past, I’ve lived with total paralysis of my right leg that thankfully  transformed into partial paralysis, and even that not always evident to casual observers. I love to take easy walks, but they are the only kind of walks I can manage, with support.

The most important support I have is willing walking partners. My husband and I walk almost every weekend, if we’re not on our tandem bike. During the week, I schedule exploratory or simple revisits to favorite outdoor places with friends, family, and other interested folk who are able to arrange their schedule to my own.

My walking rhythm stopped abruptly in March after sustaining a bad fall that injured my back. Six weeks later, I was just getting back to short walks when some kind of bug bit my toe. Soon all the toes in my right foot swelled alarmingly. Rest, elevating my foot, and lots of helpful drugs to calm the allergic reaction have allowed me, ten days later, to start getting back to gentle walks.


My neighbor’s flowers brighten the walk, the lake is on the left

As when I was first relearning to walk, Silver Lake in Bellingham is my go-to spot to heal. Our house overlooks the lake, so it’s a short walk to the water, a very easy walk for me. As I recover from these latest physical challenges, once again Silver Lake is  where I find healing.

I’ve been keeping my eye on a nesting swan, and I hoped to get a glimpse of her cygnets, which surely have hatched by now.


Swan plucking feathers from her breast to feather the nest

Alas, when I got to the end of the road that follows the shore of the lake, the swan was “feathering her nest,” making things more comfortable (or perhaps simply finding something to do as she sits, and sits, and sits!).


After plucking feathers from one side, the mother swan carefully tucks the feathers into the other side of her nest.

No little ones in sight. Perhaps at dusk or dawn I’d have a better chance to spot little swans paddling behind their mother, but not this day.


Windblown birch tree on the shore of Silver Lake.

Instead of seeing cute bird babies, I was content to watch trees blown about by the gusty winds of this spring day.


Oak trees finally greening up as they eventually do each spring.

Flowers are in bloom, bees are drinking their fill on the blossoms, and even the oak trees are beginning to shift to green from the bare branches that have stood so starkly all winter.

I love to explore, to find new places to walk, but as many before me have said, there’s no place like home. And lucky for me, home offers an ever-changing landscape, with the promise of surprise each time I venture to the shores of the lake.

Here’s hoping you have a “go-to” spot for healing. I’m always glad to hear about those places too.

Marjorie Turner Hollman

Marjorie Turner Hollman is a personal historian who loves the outdoors, and has completed two guides to Easy Walking trails in Massachusetts, Easy Walks in Massachusetts, and More Easy Walks in Massachusetts. A native Floridian, she came north for college and snow! New England Regional Chair for the Association of Personal Historians, she is a Certified Legacy Planner with LegacyStories.org, and is the producer of numerous veterans interviews for the Bellingham/Mendon Veteran’s History Project. http://marjorieturner.com


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Pierrette Corriveau: Fond memories of Silver Lake

Pierrette 2Pierrette Corriveau was born in Bellingham, MA at Silver Lake, but says that she and her mother must have been transported to Woonsocket, RI immediately afterwards since her birth was registered in Woonsocket. She has stayed in this area her whole life, raising seven children with her husband, the late Eugene Corriveau, who for many years was the town collector and Treasurer in Bellingham. [As told to Marjorie Turner Hollman] Continue reading

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