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Along the Pemigewasset River, Bristol, Franklin NH

Great views of the Pemigewasset River for miles along this path in Franklin Falls Dam Recreation area

We visited the Franklin Falls Dam recreation area and found a great six mile long trail (basically a fire road) alongside the Pemigewasset River. The trail is in good condition, offering views of the river along almost the entire length of the path. Besides a great spot to enjoy the natural history of the area, we realized we had stumbled into some fascinating cultural history as well.

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Spring Visit to West Hill Dam, Uxbridge


Walking along West Hill dam

Spring in New England is a strange time–we have sometimes experienced snow in May. I’ve seen folks out in bathing suits in 80 degree weather in April. Usually it’s pretty wet (like this year, thankfully) while other years the spring rains simply fail to arrive. Continue reading


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A Walk in the Rain-The Upper Charles, North Bellingham


Small dam maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers, just of North Maple Street

I missed out on the sunshine that we enjoyed yesterday, working away indoors all day. But this morning a sudden cancelation opened up my morning and I called a friend, who I figured was crazy enough to think like me. “Want to go for a walk in the rain?” I asked. Continue reading


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A Path Less Traveled


Small dam in the Upper Charles River within sight of N. Maple Street in Bellingham

When I was growing up in S. Florida, we read Jack London’s short story, “To Build a Fire,” which left a lasting impression on me. I can still picture a lone man in the wilderness, struggling against the elements, fingers so cold he failed to hold onto precious matches, which were dropped, useless, into the wet snow. It’s been bitterly cold in New England, in the minus digits, something I associate with Alaskan, or Yukon Territories sort of locale, not New England. Whenever it gets this cold my thought go back to the reading of this classic story, and I want only to stay inside, sheltered and warm.

And yet, after a day or two, the cold relents, and the urge to get outside takes over. This afternoon it was a balmy 23 degrees F, so we ventured to a nearby trail I hadn’t visited in a long while, Continue reading


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A Visit To The West Hill Dam

100_5379West HillCrystal palace

By Marjorie Turner Hollman (courtesy of Bellingham Bulletin)

On a cold, bright, sunny day in February, snowshoes in hand, we ventured forth. I had many ideas of places to walk, but they were all under three feet of snow. However, West Hill Dam, in Uxbridge, is run by the Army Corps of Engineers, and I felt that if any trail was going to be accessible, it would be an Army Corps site. Thankfully, we arrived to a well-cleared parking lot. Continue reading


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