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A quiet path in Blackstone, Hop Brook Preserve

Hop Brook cascades down a series of small rock shelves

We had thought to go farther from home, but each place we considered was closed to the public in response to overcrowded conditions. Instead, we decided to see if we could locate a small property I heard of in a neighboring town Hop Brook Preserve. We ventured out in the morning sunshine to nearby Blackstone, and after a little wandering about, spotted the trail sign and pulled into the SMALL parking area (room for only three cars at a time.)

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Make Your Own Storybook Goes to Foxfire Farm


A beautiful setting to create a story

The overcast day offered cool temps, no wind, and a wonderful setting to host the most recent, “MakeĀ  Your Own Storybook” walk. I have begun to think of these events as more “walk-abouts” than hikes. We never know what may happen, what we might see along the way, and how the children and parents and volunteers will interact with each other. We have no particular goal in mind, and no certain destination. Continue reading

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History of the Blackstone Gorge


The Blackstone River rushes through the Gorge after heavy rains

The spring group walk promised to provide some history about the Blackstone Gorge. While I have often visited the gorge over the past thirty years I’ve been aware of it, I have never been well-versed in its past. For indeed, the gorge has a past, not just geologic, but a man-made past as well. Continue reading


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