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Headed north for Easy Walks–Maine

Lobster boats in Bass Harbor

While the bulk of my trail books focus on Massachusetts, we like to get to Maine spring and fall, and Maine used to be part of Massachusetts, so it’s not too far off topic. It’s along drive to Mt. Desert Island, so we took a lunch break at the shoreline in Belfast, Maine, and noticed what looked like a bridge that crossed the harbor.

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Avoid crowds by heading to the Schoodic Peninsula

Along the Acadia National Park road on the Schoodic Peninsula–Cadillac Mountain in the distance

We try to visit Acadia National Park every spring and fall in “normal” times, but this year has been anything but normal. Our spring visit fell by the wayside, like most everyone’s plans. This fall, we saw an opportunity, found a place (Windward Cottages) where we had stayed before, which had a full kitchen, firm! beds, and had been unoccupied for three days prior to our arrival. For a time during this pandemic Massachusetts residents were welcome in Maine, so we packed food for the week, planned to keep very much to ourselves, and headed to Mt. Desert Island, Maine.

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Watching the tide roll in at Mt. Desert Island


Sunrise on Somes Sound

Part of having a positive experience at the ocean (at least for me) is having a place to rest when I need to. We have been lucky enough to find places near the water where I can hang out, watch birds, look for seals (!) and pay attention to the tides. When I’d rested, we set off for amazing outdoor places quite nearby, most of which are within Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island, Maine, and its environs. Continue reading

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When Arctic winds blow, head north-New Year’s visit to Acadia


Sea smoke just off shore

The trails are icy hereabouts in the greater Boston-Worcester area. New Year’s First Day hikes have been cancelled, parking lots are slick, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, we heard about groomed ski trails north of here, at Acadia National Park in Maine. Yes, the weather has been below zero. And yes, some of us think curling up with a good book and a warm drink is the best way to get through the arctic chill. But some of us need to get outdoors. But going where the trails have snow cover is the best way to do that. And so we did! Continue reading


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Finding Easy Walks in Rugged Places-Acadia National Park

DSC00184.JPGVisiting Acadia National Park is a balancing act for my family–I need easy walks, while my husband enjoys more challenging trails. But the carriage roads draw us back again and again, providing safe, off road places for us to enjoy riding our tandem bike. Sometimes the weather is simply not conducive for biking–too wet, colder than some of us like for bike riding, or various other reasons.

And since most of the trails at Acadia are challenging, we search out new easy walks– Continue reading

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No place like home


Somes Sound at sunset

We recently traveled to Acadia National Park in Maine and enjoyed some hiking; we also biked several carriage trails. But there is so much inviting water in this area, both the ocean and fresh water ponds. We were staying at Somes Sound, so we watched daily as the tides went out, came back in, then headed back out again. We had avoided kayaking for the past year or two because of injury, but there was something about being away from home, in a new environment, that pushed us to give it another try. Continue reading


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