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Acadia in Spring


Getting to the top of Beech Cliffs, with a little help. Echo lake is just below here

I’m always surprised at the people I talk to who live in Massachusetts and have never visited Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert in Maine. Yes, it’s a six hour drive from where we live (not including stops) and yes, I hear the area is pretty crazy-crowded with people in the summer.  But there’s spring, Continue reading


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Watching the tide roll in at Mt. Desert Island


Sunrise on Somes Sound

Part of having a positive experience at the ocean (at least for me) is having a place to rest when I need to. We have been lucky enough to find places near the water where I can hang out, watch birds, look for seals (!) and pay attention to the tides. When I’d rested, we set off for amazing outdoor places quite nearby, most of which are within Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island, Maine, and its environs. Continue reading

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