No place like home


Somes Sound at sunset

We recently traveled to Acadia National Park in Maine and enjoyed some hiking; we also biked several carriage trails. But there is so much inviting water in this area, both the ocean and fresh water ponds. We were staying at Somes Sound, so we watched daily as the tides went out, came back in, then headed back out again. We had avoided kayaking for the past year or two because of injury, but there was something about being away from home, in a new environment, that pushed us to give it another try.

One of the challenges of paddling in bodies of water with tidal influence in Maine (and farther north) is that water levels drop precipitously as the tide goes out. Somes Sound is quite deep, and the exposed shoreline becomes very steep as the water rushes back to the sea. We headed out into the Sound in our rented tandem kayak, surfing through the waves, splashing and bumping along as we paddled. I so enjoy the different perspective on the world that comes when sitting atop a kayak, right at the surface of the water.

It was a glorious paddle, but when we came to shore, I faced a very steep shoreline, and my weak right leg made extricating myself from the craft almost impossible. With great effort, support, and little grace, I finally got of the boat, but was not anxious to repeat that experience.


Long Pond, Acadia National Park,Maine

The next morning we headed out to find a friendlier boating spot, and found the perfect place at the north end of Long Pond.


A perfect day to paddle on Long Pond, Acadia National Park

The shallow, sandy beach made getting in and out much easier for me. The mountains on either side of the narrow pond offered stunning views during our entire ride. The wind was brisk, keeping me cool. It was a perfect day.


The perspective is always different when out on the water

Two kayaking outings were enough for me for this vacation. Once we returned home, we talked about dusting off our own boats, and on a recent bright, sunny day we headed out before the sun got too warm for me. Rather than spend time driving to a favorite biking spot, we chose to stay quite close to home, and explored a pond we’d never paddled on, Arcand Park in South Bellingham.


Lil’ red, ready to head out at Arcand Park

We arrived at the park only minutes after we’d set out, and found a convenient boat ramp that sloped gently into the pond. We stayed close to the edge of the shore, taking advantage of what shade we could find, circumnavigating the entire pond.


Hugging the shore to stay in the shade at the pond at Arcand Park

Our outing lasted less than an hour, but it was a real pleasure for me; not the least of the pleasure was the relative ease with which I was able to get in and out of my little craft. When I’m paddling in my little red kayak, I am enveloped in the sensation of floating; well, in fact, that’s what I’m doing! But I’ve always had the sense of being cradled, gently rocking along with the rhythm of the waves, as my small boat carries me atop the surface of the water.


Such adventures on a little pond!

I was grateful that our trip to Maine pushed us to try using kayaks again. I was not thrilled with how difficult it was to get out from the steep shoreline of Somes Sound. But we found another place that was workable, wonderfully so. And now that we’re home, I’m hopeful we will be able to make time to get out and explore some more. Sometimes it’s the change in scenery that pushes us to try new things, to gain a different perspective, and find the courage to enjoy what is in our own back yards.

Marjorie Turner Hollman

Marjorie Turner Hollman is a writer who loves the outdoors, and is the author of Easy Walks in Massachusetts, 2nd editionMore Easy Walks in Massachusetts, 2nd editionEasy Walks and Paddles in the Ten Mile River Watershed, and Finding Easy Walks Wherever You Are. Her memoir, the backstory of Easy Walks, is My Liturgy of Easy Walks: Reclaiming hope in a world turned upside down.


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3 responses to “No place like home

  1. Mary Chitty

    finding the right balances of new perspectives, comfort in the familiar — and being outside our comfort zones are all worth striving for. mary glen

  2. Jim Spear , S. Main St.. , Bellingham

    I’d like to purchase your ‘Easy Walks’ books . I live about 2 miles (atcf) from you . Maybe I could save on shipping .

    • marjorie561

      Jim, Thank you for your interest. The Bellingham Library has copies of both books available, and you’ll be supporting the Friends of the Library at the same time. And you’ll still save on shipping, the library is selling the 2nd edition of the newest book cheaper than you can get it on Amazon.

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