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When a Road Ends

large orange "bike path closed" sign on a chain link fence
We all face roadblocks–it’s where we go from here that can make all the difference

Thoughts while walking

While out walking, do you find yourself thinking about things that have absolutely nothing to do with your surroundings? I know I do. Pairs of walkers passing by chat about all sorts of things—family, friends, work, etc. Other solitary walkers stride along, their thoughts unknown to passersby.

When I get outside my thoughts often stray to unsettling situations. Somehow the quiet, the beauty all around me opens a door to places I tend to avoid thinking about. However, I also have had instances when these times of quiet have helped me make sense of confounding situations.

If you will, take a walk with me. My hope is that in hearing a little of my own story it might help you make sense of something in your own life.

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