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Escaping the Heat at Beavertail State Park


Rocks I’ve been visiting at Beavertail, on Jamestown, Rhode Island, since the 1970’s. Much has changed here, but the rocks have not

The forecast projected another hot day, so we set out for the shore. Beavertail State Park, on Jamestown Island, Rhode Island, has changed dramatically since I first visited there in the 1970’s. It was not even a state park then, rather, it was simply a place along the shore where you could watch the waves crash onto the shore while hopping along the rocks, next to the lighthouse at the tip of the point. Continue reading


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In Search of Quiet-Hunt’s Mills


Ten-Mile River at Hunt’s Mills


Ice on the fish ladder at Hunt’s Mills

The crown jewel of Hunt’s Mills, in Rumford, RI (a neighborhood of E. Providence) is the dam and natural waterfall, a very easy walk from the parking area at the end of the access road to the property. It’s hard to believe we were in E. Providence–the area has a wild feel to it, rocks and rapids, and some interesting ice formations. Continue reading

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