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2019 Mass Walking Tour is Off and Walking


The Massachusetts Walking tour and friends ready to set off

What a beautiful bright, sunny morning greeted our musicians as they set off at the start of the 2019 edition of the Massachusetts Walking Tour. Continue reading


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Scoping out Knuckup Hill, Wrentham


Wide open views from the top of Knuckup (some know it as Sweatt) Hill

As part of the Massachusetts Walking Tour, there will be an “open to the public Easy Walk” to the top of Knuckup Hill in Wrentham, just before the concert that will take place in that same neighborhood in Wrentham. The concert will take place June 23rd from 6-8PM at the Wrentham Senior Center on Taunton Street, and folks heading out on the Knuckup Hill walk will meet at this same Senior Center at 4PM. The plan is to be back in time to enjoy the concert after the walk 🙂 Continue reading


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Quick walk nearby, SNETT in Bellingham


Along the SNETT

As the rest of the world prepares to spend summer hours in the sun, weeks at the beach or the mountains, I prepare to hunker down in the shade, or get outside early in the morning or at dusk. Thankfully, New England summer mornings typically offer cool starts to the day. For those of us who lack the ability to sweat, summer is not much fun. And so we adapt. Rather than drive any distance to get a walk in, we took two minutes to reach the trailhead around the corner from where we live in Bellingham. We parked at the SNETT at Lake Street, and headed out on the trail towards Franklin. Continue reading


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Flowers of Spring– Gooseberry Island


Beach roses on Gooseberry Island

It takes us nearly an hour to get to the ocean from our home in south central MA, so for me it’s always a special occasion. We managed to arrive at Gooseberry Island, Westport, MA just in time to take in spring flowers in full bloom all over the island, a glorious sight! Continue reading

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Partnering-Guest Blog Post, L.L. Bean, and more

group photo blackstone 2017

The Massachusetts Walking Tour, one of the great partnerships that have happened because of the Easy Walks book series

When you have books to sell, you need good advice. I have come across great advice in following Joan Stewart, AKA “The Publicity Hound.”



Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

When I heard from L.L. Bean that they wanted me to offer a workshop on Easy Walks at one of their stores, I gave Joan a heads-up about the news, and she worked with me to create this great guest blog post that tells the story of how my partnership with L.L Bean came about. In the post you’ll learn about how this, and several other great partnerships that have also occurred over the past several years. You’ll also learn about the back story of how I came to write the Easy Walks book series, news about a new book I am working on about How to Find Easy Walks wherever you go, along with important lessons learned. Check out our upcoming schedule of Events for opportunities to join us in person, at L.L. Bean in Mansfield, MA in June 2019, and other opportunities along the trail!

Here’s the entire story–right here


beech cliffs 2018

Marjorie Turner Hollman is a personal historian who loves the outdoors, and has completed three guides to Easy Walking trails in Massachusetts, “Easy Walks in Massachusetts 2nd edition,”  “More Easy Walks in Massachusetts,”  and edited “Easy Walks and Paddles in the Ten Mile River Watershed.” A native Floridian, she came north for college and snow! Marjorie is a Certified Legacy Planner with, and is the producer of numerous veterans interviews for the Bellingham/Mendon Veteran’s History Project.

More Easy Walks in Massachusetts

Easy Walks and Paddles in the Ten Mile River Watershed


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Test Riding a New Adaptive Tandem, Blackstone River Greenway


Introducing Jay Borden, Roulez Cycles, to the Blackstone River, at the Triad Bridge,

We have been working with bike builder, Jay Borden, of Roulez Cycles in Lynn, MA, for the past year to create an adaptive tandem bike that was not only rideable for me, but was easier for us to transport. One of the biggest challenges of almost any adaptive bike is transport. Three-wheeled trikes do not fit on standard bike carriers. If you put them in the back of your truck, there is little or not room left to put any additional luggage you may need for your trip. Many of these bikes and/or tandems (often trikes) are very heavy, and awkward to lift into your vehicle. Continue reading

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Lady Slippers at the Blackstone Gorge


Sweet sight of late spring–Lady Slippers!

The great thing about visiting places nearby is that different seasons offer such delightful treats, if you pay attention. From walks in past years, I knew lady slippers were growing next to the Blackstone Gorge, and I had seen a very few lady slippers in other nearby places. To enjoy other views of the gorge, check out these posts: Continue reading


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Till Next Time–Wrap up of Adaptive Biking in the Blackstone Valley for 2019


A perfect day on the Blackstone Greenway

For all the rain we had this spring, somehow every single scheduled date for the Adaptive Biking program in the Blackstone Valley brought, if not bright sunny skies, at least a reprieve from the near constant rain we have experienced of late. The last date, held in Blackstone, brought clear skies, and a festive mood. Continue reading

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Adaptive Biking Again? Third Time is a Charm in Worcester


A parade of bikes sets off from the Worcester Visitor Center

Perhaps you have noticed we’ve been talking a lot about adaptive biking when you check in here. For the month of May, it’s been at the top of my “to do” list.  You see, I am not only a National Park Volunteer with the Blackstone Heritage Corridor (VIP), I am also a participant in these adaptive biking events. There is still time to participate in the last two events, but you must register. To register for the remaining rides in May, call 413-584-2052. Continue reading


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Adaptive Biking again–Blackstone in May

Volunteer groupLast year we had one opportunity to participate in an adaptive biking program in the Blackstone Valley. Thanks to the generosity of the MADCR Universal Access Program, which funded these rides, 5 different dates in May 2019 have been made available to area residents who might want to take advantage of getting out on a bike regardless of one’s capabilities. Registration is required. To register for the remaining rides in May, call 413-584-2052. Continue reading


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