Snowy Owls in Winter

snowy owl DSC08881

Snowy owl posing atop the Sachuest visitor center

We have seen snowy owls at Sachuest National Wildlife Refuge in years past, but this year was a little over the top in making it easy for us to view the winter resident. As we drove up to the Refuge, we saw a line of cars parked, with people standing all over the parking lot. Right at the crest of the visitor’s center building, the snowy posed, in clear view. At Sachuest in February, it’s all about the owls.

mth and owl sign

Yes, this overflow parking lot is reserved for owls–The grassy area is a favorite spot for the owls to hang out.

Looking first one way, then the other, he appeared quite aware of the fuss he was creating, yet apparently unbothered. After getting some photos, we headed out on the loop trail that takes visitors along the shoreline of this rocky outcrop that juts out into the ocean. The trail itself is quite easy, a mostly flat, crushed stone path, with a few muddy spots where the recent rain was draining into the walkway.


Along the shoreline

Just off shore we spotted both Canada geese and Brandt geese, the Brandts easily spotted since they are much smaller, while still very goose-like in shape.

brands and gull

Brandt geese are rather small, as seen in comparison to the nearby gull

Lots of eider ducks floated just off shore, and surf scoters lived up to their name as they scooted about. The light shifted enough for us to finally get some good looks at the harlequin ducks busily feeding on the rocky bottom.


Yup, lots of snowy owl admirers at the visitor center…

When we returned to the visitor center, the snowy had not moved far. But the scenery below continued to shift as large groups of folks drove up, pulled out their cameras then headed off in search of ??? who knows?

snowy owl 2 DSC08854

Such a thoughtful owl

The snowys will be headed north soon, so if you haven’t gotten to see them, you may have to wait till next winter. That, or plan a trip to the Arctic!


beech cliffs 2018


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3 responses to “Snowy Owls in Winter

  1. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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