Out on the boardwalk…Stony Brook’s boardwalk has reopened!


A new design, but the same footprint as the former boardwalk, and same wonderful views!

Stony Brook Nature Center, a Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary in Norfolk, MA has been without its beloved boardwalk for the past sixteen months, but the wait is now over and the boardwalk is open. Lots of info here on pages 6-7 of the Local Town Pages providing background on why the boardwalk has been closed for so long. 


Heading out onto the boardwalk

I stopped by in the early morning to get some pictures and see the boardwalk for myself. The footing is surely more solid now, and the boardwalk once again offers great views out over the marshland.


Looking out over the marshland

There is plenty of room for groups of folks to gaze out over the marsh


On to the island that has been unavailable to visitors the past sixteen months

and enjoy the multitude of wildlife that flourishes in this area.


This bunny froze long enough for me to grab a photo, then hopped onto the top of the stone wall along the trail and was gone

A bunny greeted me as I headed down the trail toward the boardwalk.


Wild grapes still maturing on the vine

Wild grapes are still small, but growing on the vines that drape the stonewalls along the path.


Signs of recent construction remain, but will soon be covered over as nature fills in the vacuum

Signs of the recent construction are evident in several spots where cat briar has been cleared out and the ground is bare. But these spots will soon  fill back in with plant life.


Purple Loosestrife

Purple loosestrife is invasive, but added some bright color to the marshland.


Hundreds of bees buzzed in this patch of loosestrife–just one managed to get into this photo

The loosestrife next to the boardwalk was covered with bees searching for nectar.


Great blue heron perching on a duck box in the marsh

A great blue heron perched on a duck box not far from the boardwalk, and gave me time to get a few shots of him preening himself.


Mute swans getting ready for their day

Mute Swans looked sleepy, still waking up from a night’s rest in the marsh.


Young cat bird on the boardwalk

A juvenile catbird hopped along the railing of the boardwalk, remaining just long enough for me to grab a few pictures of him before he hopped into the bushes.

The sun soon heated up the boardwalk, and I headed back, only stopping to admire the birds wheeling about in the open field near the entrance of the wildlife sanctuary. My guess is that these were purple martins, which have taken up residence in the special purple martin birdhouses in the middle of the field.


Old fashioned flox next to the visitor’s center

I spotted the summer flowers in the garden next to the visitor’s center. There are many other private corners of this jewel of a spot that I’ll make sure to visit next time. Today’s focus was the boardwalk. And yes, it is wide open, waiting for visitors to come on by! For more information about Stony Brook Nature Center, head over here.


Another view of the boardwalk quietly at work, doing what it does best–hosting interested visitors ready to take in the wonders of the marsh

Marjorie Turner Hollman

Marjorie Turner Hollman is a writer who loves the outdoors, and is the author of Easy Walks in Massachusetts, 2nd editionMore Easy Walks in Massachusetts, 2nd editionEasy Walks and Paddles in the Ten Mile River Watershed, and Finding Easy Walks Wherever You Are. Her memoir, the backstory of Easy Walks, is My Liturgy of Easy Walks: Reclaiming hope in a world turned upside down.


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2 responses to “Out on the boardwalk…Stony Brook’s boardwalk has reopened!

  1. I love that you are so lovingly describing your environs. The photos are gorgeous, by the way.

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