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Warwick, RI-history along the shore

View from the fishing pier of a portion of Rocky Point State Park, Warwick, RI

Rocky Point amusement park was a “go-to” destination for summer visitors in Rhode Island for many years. First arriving by boat, later by trolley and finally by car, people found open fields, a restaurant and carnival type rides, which drew huge crowds through the years.

The nation’s 200th anniversary celebration of 1976 was an occasion when hundreds of thousands arrived at the park for a shore dinner. By the early 1990s the privately-owned park closed and remained that way till 2014 when it reopened as a state park.

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What’s really there? Tracking down Quonset Bike Path/Calf Pasture Bike Path


A private spot alongside Narragansett Bay, at the end of the bike trail

We have learned over the years to read skeptically on-line reports of where bike paths are located, and how to find parking. The best way to really understand what is available is to get out and see for ourselves. We found some delightful surprises along these two trails, the Quonset and Calf Pasture bike paths in North Kingstown, RI, including the discovery that they are in essence one continual bike path with two names. Continue reading

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