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Foliage season, Brimfield, MA and surrounding towns

Finding foliage wherever we looked near Brimfield, MA

We headed out to the Brimfield area for a bike ride recently, an overcast weekend morning. We hoped to find the Grand Trunk Trail parking area in Brimfield to be mostly empty. Despite the unfavorable weather, more cars than we were comfortable with had beaten us to the trail, so we moved on to Plan B–road biking a little farther west just off Route 20.

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Grabbing Fleeting Foliage, Knuckup Hill Wrentham, Trout Pond


View from the top of Knuckup HIll in Wrentham

A gorgeous fall day appeared, with blue skies, bright sunshine, the reds and oranges and bright yellows of fall on full display. I had a meeting in Wrentham, which got me right next door to one of my favorite easy walks, so after the meeting we headed up to the top of Knuckup HIll, in times past the old town ski hill. Continue reading


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Upcoming Make Your Own Storybook Walk, Rice Reservation, Westwood


Fall is coming–encountering fall leaves along the trail at Rice Reservation in Westwood

It really helps, when leading a group of folks, to have some idea of where you are leading them! While not always possible, it allows us to flounder about, make mistakes with smaller audiences, and figure out strategies in a more relaxed manner.

And so I stopped by First Baptist Church in Westwood, MA, 808 High Street (Rt. 109) which is blessed with access to a portion of the Lyman Pond/Rice Reservation property, right out the back door from the church parking area. We have planned a “Make Your Own Storybook” walk there Oct. 21, 12:45, right after church. The program is free, but registration is required. To register, please call the church office 781-461-1730 or contact Pastor Christine christinekeddy616@gmail.com  Continue reading

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Fall in Southern New England


Hints of fall color

Hints of fall color

It’s been a long summer. I’ve become an early bird, transformed from the night owl I have been most of my life. I’ve resorted to this life change simply to be able to spend time outdoors before summer’s heat sets in each day. And now fall is here, and I am hungry for signs of fall colors. Continue reading

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