Connecting trails in Hopkinton, MA–Whitehall Woods

Alke Whitehall, with fall colors, still lake water,blue sky

Lake Whitehall is a popular place in the summer, but at the far end from where most people access the lake, is a newly acquired property, Whitehall Woods, that not only connects people with the lake, it also offers a trail that eventually reaches to Upton State Forest. An intriguing trail, it offers an easy walk in the woods with views of some cool rock formations.

Wide open woodland path covered with pine needles
Very easy walking is found along the trails of Whitehall woods

When I visited in early fall, the trail was wide open and offered easy footing. The blazes are pretty clear, and directions toward Upton State Forest are pretty straightforward as well. Thus, you can enjoy a relatively short, easy walk, or you can choose to take an extended trek through the woods to Upton, MA.

Trail kiosk for Whitehall Woods
Trail kiosk is easy to spot form the  new subdivision’s road that borders the property

Access the property is from 203 Pond Street, reached by turning onto the new subdivision road and looking on the left for the small parking area. The land is protected with a conservation restriction, and combined with other open space, offers 2600 acres of continuous open space.

heavily forested trail with rock shelf
Some cool rocks await for those interested in exploring the landscape

Whitehall Woods offers a quiet place to walk and wander. A different atmosphere from its better known neighbor, Lake Whitehall, this is a place to visit when you are looking for a place to rest and relax. 

rocks and trees with hiker on the trail
John Ritz, of the Hopkinton Trails Club, was my guide on this walk



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  1. Wow! Always welcome news about new trails!

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