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Finding fantastic foliage


Sugar maple in its blazing glory, in a cemetery in Mendon, MA

Find the “perfect spot to view the stunning foliage in New England is a matter of luck, skill, patience, and determination. A rainstorm can cut short an already short “season.” The leaves that were ‘just there” when you drove by may be gone by the time you can grab your camera to preserve that stunning view.  Continue reading

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A Closer Look at Fall in New England

Fall foliage is all about… the leaves, of course. But it’s not just maple trees. Plants such as poison ivy also contribute to the show.

poison ivy

Poison Ivy

And even when leaves are changing colors, they are all on their own schedule. Continue reading


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A Visit To Joe’s Rock & Birchwold Farms

Reprinted courtesy of the Bellingham Bulletin

(note: This was written as one in a series of articles, under the title “Naturally New England” in the Bellingham (MA) Bulletin. So many people have searched for “Where’s Joe’s Rock?” and found this article that I finally realized there was a hunger for this kind of information. Several years later, people still find my website looking for “Where’s Joe’s Rock?” )

View from top of Joe's Rock

View from top of Joe’s Rock

Southern New England is not known for its spectacular views, but there are a few special places in this area that provide nice overlooks, and Joe’s Rock in Wrentham, MA is one of them. Four hundred ninety feet in elevation, Joe’s Rock provides an unrestricted sightline northeast toward Boston and southwest over the Rhode Island countryside. Directly below Joe’s Rock lies a small pond. On a recent visit we saw in the water over thirty ring-necked ducks and a lone bufflehead. A flock of wild turkeys scurried through the woods. A nearby wetland sheltered countless wood frogs that filled the air with their duck-like calls. Continue reading


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