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Stay Cool this Summer–Cooling Aids

1Marjorie Cooling vest, cooling scarf
All decked out–cooling scarf, cooling vest w backpack, and extra ice, more cooling scarves and spray mister in the bike panniers.

Edited to note–Veskimo cooling vests mentioned in this blog are no longer available. I now use two others–both by Compcooler–Beige water cooled vest–works fine, but not effective in the hottest weather. Also the Individual Cooling system vest, much more expensive (close to $3000) but very effective, it works like your own air conditioner. Drawbacks–price, weight (I only use it when riding our adaptive tandem) and noisy.

As much as we love summer for the freedom it allows us to get outdoors for extended periods of time, some of us really struggle with the heat. And some of us find heat to be potentially dangerous, which can end up keeping us isolated indoors. I’m one of those who has always dreaded summer, despite the fact I grew up in south Florida! Even back in the days when I lived in that semi-tropical state, I was not overly fond of sitting out in the sun.

But these days, medical issues have made it so my body has real difficulty with temperature regulation. That means I sweat very little, if at all, and I can get dangerously overheated. But I’m married to a wonderful man who loves for me to join him for outdoor fun in the summer. What to do? He turned to the internet, and began finding me products that would help me cope, and and even enjoy myself on warm summer days.

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