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Heading outdoors in faith


Passing on stories of faith and love to the next generation

My friend Christine asked me to write my “faith” story, and so I wrote. This is about growing up in church, having Godly parents who provided opportunities for me to learn about God. It’s also about maturing, being shaped and challenged by life circumstances. You’ll also learn the story of how I became a writer, and even a little about how I came to write my Easy Walks books.

Thanks Christine, for asking the right questions, and for caring… a lot. Here’s what I wrote, for Christine, and for anyone else who is interested.


Marjorie Turner Hollman

Marjorie Turner Hollman is a writer who loves the outdoors, and is the author of Easy Walks in Massachusetts, 2nd editionMore Easy Walks in Massachusetts, 2nd editionEasy Walks and Paddles in the Ten Mile River Watershed, and Finding Easy Walks Wherever You Are. Her memoir, the backstory of Easy Walks, is My Liturgy of Easy Walks: Reclaiming hope in a world turned upside down.

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Healing by getting back on that bike


Back on the biketrail in Gardner, MA

It’s been over 20 years since I was able to hop on a bike and pedal myself down a path. That saying, “just like riding a bike” always catches me—people think riding a bike is something you can’t forget how to do. Yet for some of us, because of balance issues caused by many things, riding a bike is exactly what we can no longer do. Maybe it’s not that big a deal for some folks. But before my life changed because of surgery to remove a life-threatening brain tumor, I was physically very active. I loved to get outside, loved to walk, loved to swim, loved to dance, and biking was something that was easy for me. Continue reading


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