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Avoiding crowds–Blackall Preserve Cumberland, RI

Pond on the property of Blackall Family preserve

We had driven past the trail kiosk for the Blackall Family Preserve in Cumberland, RI a number of times, but had no real idea if we would find any Easy Walks in this area. Many trails in Cumberland are quite rocky. This one might have been too. But “Be willing to explore,” is a strategy for finding Easy Walks I urge my readers to adopt. Following on this is, “Have a plan B.”

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Mercy Woods, Cumberland, RI

Please note: At the present time more and more outdoor trail systems are closing due to heedless visitors who are ignoring protocols for maintaining safe distances from others, in this time of extreme concern due to the corona virus. I share these posts in the hope of encouraging others to get outdoors and appreciate nearby trails, and all they have to offer. If you see parking lots filled with cars at your intended destination, please leave immediately and seek out other places, or simply content yourself with a walk around your own block. The life you save by being mindful at this time may be your own. MTH


A perfect spot to sit and rest awhile along the trail

Mercy Woods in Cumberland, RI is a new property added recently to the Cumbland Land Trust outdoor spaces open to the public. 229 acres of open space with trails offers a great option for visitors to explore the trails. The trails are well-marked, wide, and relatively smooth. The landscape is hilly, and the trails offer a lot of elevation change. Continue reading


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