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Few or Many? Challenges of Group Hikes, Tackling Foxboro State Forest


Jennifer, one of my faithful hiking buddies, at a trail she discovered for us in Millis

Most of my outings are done with one, at most two other people. On these walks we check out a new area, and having few people along makes it easier to work with any surprises we might find along the trail.


Alex, a sweep, Ryan, Ben (the leader) and Ernie, my other sweep, at the end of our hike at Diamond Hill State park

This past week I participated in a couple “group hikes,” led by other groups. Last weekend, the Providence County hiking Club took 15 folks out on the trails at Diamond Hill State Park. An outing of this sort requires having folks who lead (and know where they’re going!) as well as “sweep” roles–a person or people who make sure those at the back don’t get left behind.


Paul points us toward the Bridle Path

The other group hike I participated in is part of an ongoing through December, every Thursday afternoon, 1PM at F. Gilbert Hills (Foxboro State) Forest, 45 Mill Street, Foxboro. Continue reading

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