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Passion for Composting

When you love the outdoors, you never know what might happen. My love of the outdoors, combined with my passion for my little compost pile, resulted in my being quoted in an article in the Boston Globe. Here’s the link to the Globe article:


But here’s the real scoop on my very exciting compost pile (essay below). Perhaps you have some stories about what’s happened with your compost. It is nice to know I’m not the only person who’s passionate about composting!

Peach tree growing from my compost pile

Peach tree growing from my rather unassuming compost pile

Dangerous Compost

“Do you have a compost pile?” the man on the phone asked me. I thought this was odd—a survey about composting? Buying time, I responded, “Excuse me?” The disembodied voice repeated the question, then, for clarification explained, “It’s your neighbor.” Continue reading

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