Lane Homestead, Foxboro Foliage


Heading out to one of the points, taking in the view of the dam that created the Neponset Reservoir

The Lane Homestead in Foxboro has become a lovely spot to visit, thanks to the efforts of the Foxboro Conservation Commission and corporate donations. Parking is now easily available (except during Gillette Stadium events, when the lot is closed),


Alongside the Neponset River at Lane Homestead

benches and picnic tables are situated near the Neponset headwaters,


Yes, the stones are waiting for you to stop by to share a game of checkers…

and a stone checkers table is set up next to the river, complete with red and black stones. Something for everyone.


View from the deck overlooking the river

The walkway to the river is gently sloped, increasing accessibility to the river. The trail out to the reservoir is wide, facilitating conversation between friends when walking. The town posts volunteers, both greeters and gardeners, from April to early October, but the day we visited the trails were used by only a few, including one or two dog walkers.


Afternoon sunlight set the fall foliage on fire at the edge of the reservoir

The foliage was glowing in the afternoon sunlight, but will soon be gone, probably with the next rainstorm.


Wide paths make for easy walking and comfortable conversation along the trail

Lane Homestead offers a Storybook walk along the trail, but sadly the stations have been vandalized. Some posts are empty of any book page. Perhaps more confusing, the story begins with Little Red Riding Hood, told form the wolf’s perspective. But in the middle of the trail, the story shifts to disconsolate vegetables despairing that they are not as curly as their friends. We laughed that perhaps the wolf had become a vegetarian! Perhaps next spring the storybook walk can be replaced with one complete story.


View of the Neponset river as it flows over the dam from the reservoir and heads through the marsh on its way to the sea.

Unlike some other area rivers, this headwaters is easily visited, and enjoyed. The Neponset is one of those hidden rivers that snake through towns that used to put its waters to use as an important power source. These days the river flows past buildings that are in the process of being converted to other uses than the manufacturing they were originally planned for.


MIgrating Canada Geese swimming through the duck weed in the river next to the parking area

But at the headwaters as it flows past Lane Homestead in Foxboro, the river simply flows, a resting place for migrating birds, and part of the quiet that is the Neponset Reservoir. Happy Trails!


beech cliffs 2018

Marjorie Turner Hollman is a writer who loves the outdoors, and is the author of Easy Walks in Massachusetts, 2nd editionMore Easy Walks in Massachusetts, 2nd editionEasy Walks and Paddles in the Ten Mile River Watershed, and Finding Easy Walks Wherever You Are. Her memoir, the backstory of Easy Walks, is My Liturgy of Easy Walks: Reclaiming hope in a world turned upside down.


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2 responses to “Lane Homestead, Foxboro Foliage

  1. JEG

    Thank you for your illustration of the Lane property.. Recently I was looking for someplace to take my grandson on the days I have him, the name of this property popped up. Story walks are a good start and then we extend it to a little hike. Last week we went to Del Carta Conservtion Area in Franklin, which has a story walk, hiking, and a playground–a trifecta! I also do Monday morning walks with a group of older women and we look for different locations. If you have not been, the Gertrude Boyden Wildlife Refuge in Taunton is very nice.

    • Marjorie

      You are so welcome. thanks for commenting. Happy to know you found this helpful. I have visited the Gertrude Boyden Wildlife refuge, but it was winter time. Looks like I need to make another trip to see it in different seasons. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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