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Resources for Business Owners with Disabilities

group photo

Folks of all ages got outdoors for a Make Your Own storybook walk in Westwood–one of the many workshops I’ve led in the past number of years (that’s me with the walking sticks (and the bright orange 🙂 )

“Fact: Self-employment is a more popular choice among people with disabilities than it is with the general population. The Small Business Administration reported that 12.2 percent of the general population chose self-employment, and 14.3 percent of people with disabilities started businesses.”

I responded to a request for information on an article being written about business owners who deal with disabilities, so here’s the article, including my (very brief, in a nutshell, story). While the challenges I live with are not the focus of my work, these challenges have certainly influenced the choices I’ve made, and my perspective on life.

I am glad to offer encouragement to those who think they have few options because life has thrown them one (or more!) curve balls. The article offers lots of great ideas and information. My comments are at the very end.




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